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Married 2 America Review

Married 2 America Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

Rating: 2.5/5

MARRIED TO AMERICA is a Hindi feature film by the director Dilip Shankar which released on 17th February, 2012. It seems to fall in the genre of suspenseful films but does it keep you hooked? Read ahead the review.

Story : It is the story of corruption prevalent in India. Ravi (Chetan Pandit) is an architect who lives with his wife Anjali (Archana Joglekar) in the United States. Their relationship is not sweet and there is distance in their relationship due to various issues and differences in opinions. Ravi is a workaholic and he gets very less time to take care of Anjali which is one of the main causes of bad relationship between them.

Ravi had designed a dam which was built in Darbhanga, Bihar. But he comes to know that the dam had collapsed and the flood had taken lives of many and made many homeless. On knowing this, he becomes restless and flies to India so that he could find out the cause of the disaster.

But when many days pass and Anjali does not get any news from him, she gets concerned about her husband and in order to search him she too flies to India, Bihar, Patna. She starts searching her missing husband. A taxi driver Raghu (Raghubir Yadav) becomes her companion to help her find her husband who was unknown to her before she had hired his taxi. Thereafter, they leave no stone unturned to find Ravi. They meet even Chief Minister but they are not benefitted so much. When they visit a PWD office they come to know about Darbhanga dam and the disaster. Someone scares her by saying that since the dam had collapsed which was built on the design of Ravi, government was planning to sue Ravi and that could be the possible reason that Ravi was absconding and had become underground.

Anjali doesn't believe this and try to find out the truth but an engineer tries to take her life.

What had happened to Ravi? Why had the dam collapsed? Does Anjali succeed in finding Ravi or she too gets killed? These are some questions answered in the rest of the film.

Acting : Archna Jogelkar is okay in her character and has justified her role. However, due to her age, she doesn't fit in the role from film point of view. Shweta Tiwari is also okay. Raghubir Yadav has got less footage yet he impresses you in his short role. Jackie Shroff is fine. Others are average. Chetan Pandit has justified his character.

Script : The plot is good but it is old and has been told many times. Corruption is not a new issue these days until you present it differently. Dialogues are okay but there is less suspense in the film.

Music : Below average

Direction : Direction by Dilip Shankar is average.

Conclusion : Other films were made on the subject of dam and corruption in the past which didn't do well at the box office due to their treatment. So is the case here. Despite a good plot, it fails to keep you hooked. It lacks commercial value and hence is hardly going to attract audience. However, due to very low budget, it may recover its making cost.

Verdict : Nothing new or nothing exciting to watch!

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