Peepli Live Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Peepli Live is a story of poor people and especially poor farmers. This is a story of poor farmers who are remembered by political leaders only at the time of election. Thereafter no one bothers for them. Nearly two-thirds of India's population lives in these remote villages, but these people don't even get two time food to eat daily.
The story of the film is such:
The story revolves around two brothers Nattha and Budhia. They had taken a loan from a bank some time back but they are unable to pay the money back to the bank. The bank wants to forfeit their land. But at any cost they don't want to lose their land because it is the only plot they have for their survival and they have inherited it from their forefathers and they have to struggle a lot to save their land.
They go to a local leader to seek help but instead of helping them and saving their land from going into the possession of the bank he suggests them a unique idea which sends shivers to their spine. He tells them that the government could not help them, but if any one of them could have committed suicide the government would give them one lakh rupees as compensation.
First they are shocked to hear this but when nothing appears to be working out they decide to follow what that leader had suggested and thus they think of committing suicide so that they could get one lakh rupees.
Budhia is little wise who convinces his brother to commit suicide so that his old mother, wife and children could get support. Somehow media gets the smell of their plan. The moment media smells this they make it a big issue. This acquires everyone's attention especially media's attention.
They gather around their house in order to telecast news whether Nattha will commit suicide or not.
Whether Nattha will commit suide or not is the biggest question in front of everyone which becomes very sensational and breaking news.
Even though India is the land of farmers, the condition of farmers is very bad here. Political leaders make plans o paper only. Hardly anything is done for theses people who live in such remote villages.
The writer and director of the film Anusha Rizvi has done a nice job. She has put in front of everyone, especially to the leaders of our nation what is the condition of remote villages in India and what they need.
Despite herself being a media person, she has also made fun of the media how media people take advantage of such situations and how they exaggerate the news and make it sensational.

Different people react and act in different way in this situation. Election is round the corner so everyone tries to take its advantage. Opposition party wants Nattha to die so that they could get one sensational issue to defeat the ruling party.  One leader gives Nattha a TV set as prize stating that he was doing a brave deed. But no one realizes what a man like Nattha will do of that TV set who is dying of hunger and poverty. He doesn't even open the TV set cover. Till the end of the film the TV remains in the box.
There are so many other farmers like Nattha in that village but no one cares for them.
Mostly all the actors are new (except Raghubir Yadav) and yet they have done good job. Everyone has justified their roles.
As Nattha Omkar Das Manikpuri is very good and suits the role. Raghubir Yadav too is excellent.
Two songs 'Mahangai Dayan Khay Jaat Hai' and 'Desh Mera' are very good and have become popular.
The producer of the film Aamir Khan needs to be congratulated who dared to produce a non commercial film on such issue and through promotion converted this film into a commercial film. It is released like any other commercial film. He didn't use big stars but the subject is big which makes the film big.
This film is made under the banner of UTV motion pictures and Aamir Khan Productions and the producers of the film are Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. Its casts are Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuveer Yadav, Malaika Shinoy etc.
The film is good and is worth watching. Even though it is a serious film, you will enjoy the way all behave (media, political leaders etc). You must go for it.