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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Review

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Review

By Meghana Pawar - October 16, 2015

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: A film that presents the odd side of a relationship, basically from a guy's perspective.

Positive Points: It a light hearted (or to be taken light heartedly, especially by the beautiful ladies) film. Fast paced and does not bore the audience with stretched sequences, thanks to the crisp editing. The film boasts of some amusing dialogues, capable enough to tickle your funny bone every now and then. Good presentation and cinematography. The actors have given a praiseworthy performance.

Negative Points: The film is a repetition of the core concept that was featured in the first part. Nothing new was on the table to amaze about. It stereotypes women to a certain extent and exaggerate certain facts about them just for the sake of narrating an anti love tale. The second half is less appealing.

Plot: The movie kick-starts with the introduction of three best friends - Gogo, Chauka and Thakur, who share a high class apartment in the city. They live a normal guy's life and do their stuff - office, hanging out, going to the bar, yearning for girls, and other things until, the day they meet their respective life partners. Gogo aka Ansul (Kartik Aryan) falls for an over enthusiastic, rich, bimbo 'Chiku' (Nushrat Bharucha) who uses him as his personal assistant and misleads him about her guy best friend. Meanwhile, Chauka (Sunny Singh) falls in love with 'Supriya' (Sonalli Sehgal), for whom he turns into a house servant sorts in order to prove himself as an ideal son-in-law before her parents. Next is the story of Thakur, who is a smart engineer and earns the maximum amongst the three boys, he falls for a fit dame 'Kusum' (Ishita Sharma) who later turns out to be extremely money minded and manipulative. These guys who initially were into a frame of mind of having an ideal life with their girls are ripped off completely by their better halves. The story unfolds where the 'poor boys' are stuck into a stinky relationship that gives nothing but pain in return. Will they continue to live their lives with their respective pretty dolls or confront for a breakup? Watch the one-sided chaotic drama to find out!

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Director Luv Ranjan has played it safe by dealing with the same old concept. Presenting a stale dish on a new plate won't serve the purpose. The script was weak and the screenplay was weaker, they have just added a few new elements but carried forward the same repetitive storyline. Being in a relationship is not just about spending our hard earned money on the other half, or taking them to places or getting physical. It's about feeling that strong connection, the feeling of love, it's about the emotions, sharing and discussing issues that bother us and totally being comfortable in each other's space. This important aspect of a relationship is not even looked at or touched upon in the film. The guys or even the girls did not appear to be involved emotionally with their partners, except for Chauka. He, at some level portrayed the 'in love' traits while the other couples seem to share a casual association. The dialogues are the saviour as they manage to render few moments of laughter.

Performances: All the actors have played their part with sincerity.

Kartik Aryan portrays a happy-go-lucky guy 'Gogo'. He manages to essay his part fairly well.

Sunny Singh: He essays his character 'Chauka' with authenticity. He comes across as a natural actor and his comic timing, expressions and body language create maximum fun moments in the film.

Omkar Kapoor as a composed and smart engineer 'Thakur' best fits the role. He manages to act in his character throughout.

Sonalli Sehgal portrays the role of 'Supriya' who is a conservative, girl-next-door. She essays her part averagely.

Nushrat Bharucha tries to give her best to act as a dumb rich lass 'Chiku'. She manages to pull off the role with conviction.

Ishita Sharma as a controlling freak 'Kusum', suits the role perfectly. She is apt for the character and her performance shines, which is sort of in a negative light.

Music: Most of the songs are likeable but do not stay with you for long.

Final Verdict: The film depicts what it is like to be in a relationship with the wrong person, but, from a guy's perspective. Watch it with friends for fun. On a lighter note, it is advisable not to watch it with your better halves if you wish to sustain your love life a bit longer!

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