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Qasam Se Qasam Se Review

Qasam Se Qasam Se Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 1.5/5

QASAM SE QASAM SE is a Hindi film which released on 15th June, 2012. This film has been produced by Dharmendra Nath Thakur. It is a film which launches Azim as a hero, who is also the son of its producer. The genre of the film is romance and is directed by Ashfaque Makrani. This film has been produced under the banner of The New Mumbai Talkies & Whispering Shadows Entertainment. Should you watch it or not! Read the review below.

Story : Rohan (Azim) and Faith (Faith Mehra) study in the same college and fall in love. But his friend Vijay (Faraaz) too falls in love with the same girl. Thereafter problem begins in the life of Azim. On one hand, to win the love of Faith, Rohan does everything whereas on the other hand Vijay's father (who is a high ranked police officer) causes a lot of trouble in Rohan's life so that he can be thrown out of Faith's life and thus his son's path could get cleared. In this regard Rohan is sent to jail; he is beaten up; he is humiliated and even accused to be a terrorist.

Even Rohan's father is not happy with his son's relation with Faith. He is a businessman and refuses to accept Faith as his daughter-in-law. This compels Rohan and Faith to elope from their houses.

Thereafter, their struggle begins to make their love story successful.

But Vijay's father is behind them who keeps creating problems for them. So what happens to both boys? Who gets the ladylove? These questions are answered in the remaining part of the film.

Script : The story has been written by Nazim Rizvi (who is also the producer of the film and father of the hero Azim as stated above). Had he hired a good writer he would have got better result. He is even involved in writing the dialogues along with Ravi and Dr. Moauzzam Azam. The dialogues are okay at many places but the screenplay is very weak and hardly leaves any impact. Most of its scenes will remind you many previous films you have seen. So you won't find any freshness.

Acting : Azim looks immature. He has got different types of shades to prove his talent in this film; for example he got chances to fight; to dance; to show his emotions and to show his love; but he succeeded only partially. He may do better after sharpening his acting skills in his future films. Faith is average in looks and acting. She is not at all impressive. Most of the time, you heave a sigh of relief, when she is not on the screen. Satish Kaushik has played the role of canteen owner. It appears that he has over acted sometimes. Otherwise he is okay. Mukesh Tiwari is okay. Rakhi Sawant has played the role of a sexy teacher which doesn't give anything new to the audiences. Omkar Das Manikpuri is average and his costumes are irritating.

Music : The music director Shailendra-Sayanti has tried to get the songs sung by many well known singers such as Mika, Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, Neeraj Shreedhar etc. But despite so many singers, most of the songs do not create any impact. However, you may notice the songs of Mohit Chauhan 'Tujhe Paya To Laga' (तुझे पाया तो लगा), and the film's title song, 'Qasam Se Qasam Se' (कसम से कसम से) but they leave impact temporarily. They do not last for long!

Direction : Ashfaque Makrani is the director of the film who is an editor turned director. He is not so bad but he could have done better. His takings are okay and he has chosen very good locations such as Kashmir. However, he has tried to mix too many plots in this movie and leaves the audience confused. But the climax is meaningful. He may do better if he gets good script.

Plus Points : Location Kashimr looks very beautiful and is according to the subject.

Minus Points : Small star cast; weak script; poor music; too many plots messed up

Conclusion : This is the launch film of Azim yet his father spent a lot of money in shooting of the film but very less money on its publicity. The selection of heroine could have been better. Above all, the script should have been too good when you are going to launch your son. This film has not become a must watchable and people are surely going to skip it and watch FERRARI KI SAWAARI and ROWDY RATHORE instead of watching it. When Aamir Khan had appeared with QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK in 1988, he too was a small star, but the script and music of the film made him super star. Even though Azim is new, he could have attracted audience had he acted on better script and good music.

Box Office Predictions : It would be very difficult for this film to survive.

Verdict : If you want to watch the beauty of Kashmir, you can go for it! Otherwise wait for its satellite release and skip it now!

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