Raaz 3 Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 3/5

RAAZ 3 is a Hindi feature film that released on Friday, September 7, 2012. However, the film was premiered at some theatres on Thursday night. RAAZ 3 is a sequel to the film RAAZ – THE MYSTERY CONTINUES that had released in 2009. And this film was the sequel to the movie RAAZ that starred Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu and had released in 2002. The flick directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt belongs to the genre of horror. Unlike the other two movies of the Raaz series RAAZ 3 is in 3D. Should you watch this movie? To know the answer to this simple yet complicated question you should read the review.

Story : Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) is an actress, who is at the height of her success. She enjoys her supremacy in the cinema world and bags all the awards she is nominated for. She also shares a passionate relationship with a young and handsome director Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). Everything in her life goes well and according to her desire until a younger actress Sanjana (Esha Gupta) makes her debut in films. Now everyone wants to work with Sanjana and Shanaya starts losing her stardom. Even Aditya leaves her for Sanjana. When she sees her career coming to a sudden end, she is unable to digest it. Gradually she becomes crazy and wants to destroy Sanjana's life for which she resorts to black magic. As soon as Aditya realizes Shanaya's ill-motive, he leaves her for Sanjana. This comes as another big blow to Shanaya. What happens next is known in the latter part of the film. A nice message has been delivered at the end of the film. It is shown that persons, who harm others eventually, gain nothing; instead harm themselves.

Now can Shanaya get back her stardom? Will she succeed in getting back her boyfriend Aditya? Can Aditya help her and save her life?

Performance : Almost all the lead actors have performed satisfactorily. Emraan Hashmi looks fit and has done justice to his role. Bipasha Basu's performance is okay. It was expected a lot from the debutant actress Esha Gupta but she could not perform up to the mark. She needs to improve a lot and needs to work at her expressions. In one scene where she has delusions of cockroaches attacking her, she has performed very well. Audience should not miss this scene.

Script : The script written Shagufta Rafique contains the basic element of the struggle of a star, who has lost her stardom and wants to regain her position in the glamour world. Many films have been made in past on this subject matter, but the writer of this film has incorporated black magic and tantric elements quite well. The script is good. Screenplay is average. It is quite gripping in the first half but becomes slow and lethargic post intermission.

Music : Music is given by Jeet Ganguly and Rashid Khan. The Bhatt banner is known for its good music. But the music of RAAZ 3 fails to impress. Songs are just average. Though the tracks such as 'Rafta rafta', 'Zindagi se' and 'Deewana kar raha hai' are soothing, they don't really impress. Unlike other films of the Bhatt banner, this movie will certainly not be known for its impressive soundtrack. However, the overall background music is good and enhances the horror effect of the film.

Cinematography : The cinematographer Pravin Bhatt has done an excellent job and lighting work is brilliant!

Editing : Editor's work is okay.

Direction : Director Vikram Bhatt has lived up to the expectations of his fans. Like his other Raaz films he has done justice with the script of RAAZ 3. He has taken the script smoothly and has taken good work from all the artists. He has selected a script that suits a horror movie. He has shown the downfall of a star gradually. Overall he has executed the script well. He has kept the audience quite hooked in the first half but in the latter half of the movie, the film loses its pace and become slow. But the film again manages to gain momentum towards the end.

Plus Points : It's a 3D film, direction is good, has a good story-line, is shot at fine locations, has good camerawork, and background music has horrifying effect.

Minus Points : No catchy songs, songs without purpose, too many kissing scenes.

Conclusion : The film is all about the stardom crave. It shows Bipasha rise to the top of the glamour world and then shows her downfall when a newcomer Esha joins the glamour world and dethrones Bipasha. Bipasha tries to sabotage Esha's life, who is her step sister, career for which she takes help or it is better to say that she forces/compels Emraan Hashmi, who happens to be a film director as well as her love-interest. But the film reminds the audience that nothing good can be achieved by doing wrong to others.

Box Office Predictions : RAAZ 3 should do well at the box office. It will certainly recover its making cost and will also manage to earn profit to a certain extent.

Verdict : It is a watchable movie for the horror loving audience. So if you have been waiting for a good horror movie then you can watch this film. Though you won't be scared to death, you should avoid watching it if you have a weak heart.