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Rakht Charitra Review

Rakht Charitra Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

RAKTA CHARITRA is a Hindi feature film produced by Madhu Mantena and directed by Ram Gopal Verma. It has also been named as Part 1 because the producer and director have planned to release its next part after a few months as RAKTA CHARITRA part-2.

The casts of the film are Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha, Abhimanyu Singh etc.

After a long time Ram Gopal Varma has left the track of making horror films and tried to make a sensible films such as SARKAR, SAKAR RAJ and RAKTA CHARITRA. Before these films he used to make horror films or films like NISABD which were low grade films despite AMITABH BACHCHAN in it.

RAKTA CHARITRA is a serious film and revenge based story.

The story of RAKTA CHARITRA is such:

The central character of RAKTA CHARITRA is Pratap Singh (Vivek Oberoi). His father and brother have been killed brutally by people of Reddy and Nagmani who are political people. At that time Pratap is not present in the village. He is somewhere else. When he comes to know about the killings of his father, he returns back to his village and goes to police station of his village. His also takes his lawyer along with himself. But before he reaches there his brother Sushatnt Singh is murdered. Thereafter Pratap Singh has only one motive in his life: to avenge his father and brother's murder. Pratap kills the villains and then goes on in hunt of Pukka (Abhimanyu Singh). There is direct and indirect terror of Pukka in the village. No one can dare to speak anything against Pukka. Everyone is afraid of the consequences. Thus it becomes very difficult for Pratap to punish Pukka.

In such case, Pratap gets help and support from Shivaji (Satrughan Sinha) who is a powerful leader. Eventually Pratap leaves the way of violence and gets established as an efficient leader and thus he becomes Chief  Minister of his state. But even after becoming Chief Minister, he doesn't forget his aim to take revenge which gives rise to violence which seems endless.

How does Pratap take revenge is the rest of the film.

According to Ram Gopal Varma, this film is inspired from real incident.

Vivek Oberoi has odne a good job. In fact he is brilliant in his performance. After a long time he has done a good role and delivered one of the best performance in films till now.

Satrughan Sinha too is good and has justified his part very well.

Abhimanyu Singh is fit in his role. He has performed his character brilliantly.

Ram Gopal Varma too has directed the film well. In fact he is a good director who has given very good film like SHIVA in the past. But it seems that some people started spoiling his mind which eventually led him to direct some rubbish and 'C' grade films. But after doing SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ he got a bit successful in changing his image and this film would totally change his image.

The film RAKTA CHARITRA is good but it contains brutal scenes of peak level. Even though such things are prevalent in India even now and people are killed brutally, while showing them on screen, such scenes should have been avoided and narrated in different way. There are so many brutal scenes and violence that ladies would dislike it. Even such scenes would affect patients with weak heart a lot. May be this is the reason why the censor has labeled it as 'A' certificate. The brutal scenes would keep many audiences away from the theaters which would surely affect the business of the film to great extent. Otherwise the film is good and can be watched once without family and children.

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