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Rocky Handsome Review

Rocky Handsome Review

By Meghana Pawar - March 25, 2016

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: Rocky Handsome is a thriller with hard core action sequences that narrates a story of a man and his special bond with a little girl.

Positive Points: For the action lovers, this film will be a treat. It consists of some mind blowing action and fight sequences which are directed very well. The intensity of the movie is maintained till the end.

Negative Points: The script is weak and the plot is unconvincing. The narration and presentation is more focused on the action part rather than building an emotional angle when there was a need to present a strong emotional bond between Rocky and the little girl for which he makes all the effort.

Rocky Handsome Review

Plot: Kabir Ahlawat (John Abraham) runs a Pawn Shop and lives a quite mysterious and isolated life in Goa. His neighbour Anna is a drug addict and has a sweet little daughter who gets well with Kabir. Everyone including this little girl refers Kabir as Handsome. Kabir adores this young girl but never admits it to her. Having a grave past, Kabir never opens up to anyone and lives all for himself.

The story unfolds further when Anna and her boyfriend steal drugs from the drug mafia of Goa. Anna and her partner land into serious trouble when they get caught. Her daughter also gets kidnapped by the mafia. Kabir who shares a special bond with the little girl tries to save her from the dangerous gang. The Goa police also get involved in the process and are after Kabir. Will Kabir be successful in his mission?

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Nishikant Kamat does a decent job when it comes to direction. He has worked well on the action and fight sequences. Some of them are shot exceptionally. Apart from that, the movie lacks the soul. It could not trigger the right chords. There are loop holes in the plot and the script is weak. The emotional angle that should have been built is missing and hence, drops the realistic appeal. The director who also essays the role of a villain does fair justice to his character. The background score is good but, the unnecessary songs disrupt the seriousness of the sequence.

Performances: John Abraham is apt for the role of Kabir a.k.a. Rocky Handsome. He does not have many dialogues in the film but, is expressive through his facial expressions and body language. He manages to pull off all the fight sequences fantastically. His personality and sharp features are like the cherry on the cake i.e. John fits the bill completely.

Shruti Haasan has a cameo in the movie where she is average as Kabir’s wife. Child artist Diya Chalwad has performed exceptionally well. She expresses all the emotions with great conviction.

Nishikant Kamat essays a negative character and performs his role quite well. He looks cruel and adopts the body language of an evil. All other supporting actors did their job decently.

Music: The background score for the fight and action sequences is appreciable. While, for the one for John’s entry is superb. Except for the first song which narrates John’s past, rest all the songs are plain unnecessary and disrupt the seriousness of the narrative.

Final Verdict: This thriller comes with loads of action sequences to the delight of hard core action lovers. It can be a treat for John Abraham fans. Apart from that, the film majorly does not have anything of substance. The flick earns 2.5 out of 5 stars from me.

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