Rowdy Rathore Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 3.5/5

ROWDY RATHORE is a Hindi movie which released on 1st June, 2012. This film was a highly promoted and much awaited film of Akshay Kumar because after many years he was coming back into action. This film has been produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ronnie Screwvala. This film falls in the genre of action-comedy. But does this film live up to your expectations? Do you enjoy at the comedy and get thrilled at the action scenes? Read the review ahead...

Story : Shiva (Akshay Kumar) is a conman. He, with his friend, steals and pickpockets petty things such as mobiles, fans etc. and stores in their hall which looks completely like a thief's room. They keep making others fools and Shiva keeps girls charming. Meanwhile, he comes in contact of Priya (Sonakshi Sinha) and falls in love with her. Shiva reveals her that he was a thief, yet she continues loving him till she knows that he was the father of a girl child Neha.

Shiva tries to explain her how the girl came into his life. Someone had planted the girl into his life in a tricky way and he was not his father but Priya doesn't want to listen to him and goes away from his life which breaks his heart.

Shiva every time wants to get rid of that girl child who had proved to be jinx for his life but every time he fails to get rid of her. A time comes when he really starts loving and caring for her as his daughter. But he doesn't understand why some people wanted to kill him because they kept attacking him always.

Finally it is revealed that there was someone named as Vikram Rathore who was his look alike and that girl was Vikram's daughter.

Vikram Rathore is killed by the goons while fighting bravely with them. Thereafter, Yashpal Sharma, who plays the role of an inspector, narrates Shiva whole story.

Yashpal Sharma narrates him that Vikram Rathore was an IPS who was posted as an ASP in Devgadh, a place in Bihar. There Bapji and his goons used to torture the villagers and anyone who spoke against them, was killed brutally. He tells that even he was Bapji's victim.

Listening to the story, Shiva turns as Vikram Rathore and goes to that village. Bapji and his goons had thought that ASP Rathore had died but by seeing Shiva they try to kill him again but Shiva kills them and all the villagers take a sigh of relief.

Shiva's girlfriend Priya realizes her mistake and goes to embrace Shiva. Thus the film has happy ending.

Acting : Akshay Kumar is good as Shiva in comedy role as well as he has done excellent job in action scenes as Vikram Rathore. When Shiva turns Vikram Rathore, he does some excellent action scenes. Sonakshi Sinha looks beautiful and could have looked much better if she would lose a little weight. She has acted very well. Her tapori style and dialogue, when she is in the captive of the villains, is appreciable. The child artist in the role of Rathore's daughter is very impressive. Her looks are very innocent. Yashpal Sharma has acted well. The main villain, Bapji, has acted well, but doesn't suit in that role. Paresh Ganatra, as Akshay's friend, has done his role well.

Script : Its story is good and interesting. It keeps the audience hooked till the end. Screenplay and dialogues written by Shiraj Ahmed are also good. Except a few all other dialogues are good. There are some dialogues such as 'Faulad Ke Aulaad' and 'Main Jo Kahta Hoon Wo To Karta Hin Hoon, Jo Nahi Kahta, Wo Bhi Kar Jaata Hoon' etc. are good and liked by the audience. Some scenes are excellent and will be remembered by the audience for a long time such as the way Akshay gets the mad chap killed when he tries to play with policemen to insult them. However, there is some problem with the screenplay which keeps the audience confused till interval. It could have been more clear!

Music : Music director Sajid & Wajid have done a good job. 'Chinta Ta Ta' song is excellent and already hit in the market. Mika has sung it very well. 'O Darling Tu Kitna Badal Gaya' has been sung by Kumar Sanu which is also good to hear. After a long time you will get to hear Sanu's voice which is pleasant. The item song 'Aa Re Pritam Pyare' is good for the frontbenchers and you can see them whistling and shouting at this song.

Action : Action scenes are good and thrilling. Though there is a bit brutality, you can ignore it because in its original version too you would get to see brutality to some extent. The action master has done his job very well.

Cinematography : For an action movie, cameraperson has to be expert. Its DOP Santosh Thundiyil had done his job very well and has focused on each character very well.

Choreography : Different choreographers have choreographed its songs such as Saroj Khan, Prabhu Deva and Bosco Martis. However, 'Chinta Ta Ta' choreographed by Prabhu Deva is excellent, especially the hand movement when the song begins. Many audiences were trying to copy the hand movements.

Editing : Sanjay Sankala has done its editing, which is good.

Plus Points : Music, Comedy, Action, Choreography

Minus Points : Main villain Bapji cast misfit

Direction : This film has been directed by Prabhu Deva who has earlier directed WANTED of Salman Khan. He has directed this film equally well. His shots are good and he has defined each character very well. Even though this film is the remake of South film, he hasn't copied all the shots. Before interval, he has kept most of the scenes fresh and comical. First part of the film contains fun elements whereas second part of the film contains action sequences. However, the director keeps you hooked while making you laugh by inserting a few action scenes which create suspense and thrill in the film. You are hooked to know why Shiva is being attacked by the goons. You want to know who that small girl is who has come in Shiva's life in a mysterious way! However, he could have avoided a little confusion before the interval.

Conclusion : This film is the remake of Telugu film 'VIKRAMARKUDU' of Ravi Teja which was super hit and remade in other languages such as 'SIRUTHAI' in Tamil, 'VEER MADAKARI' in Kannada and 'BIKRAM SINGHA: THE LION IS BACK' in Bengali. All the films were successful. The film ROWDY RATHORE contains comedy as well as action in equal proportion which people are surely going to like. Hence it would attract the mass and would earn good revenue at the box office. This film's 'Chinta Ta Ta' would also attract viewers due to extraordinary choreography. Also there is no film as its rival. So this film is expected to be a hit of Akshay Kumar after HOUSEFULL 2. After a long time, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is going to taste such some success after making a masala movie like this. However, post interval, the film becomes a bit boring which may go against the film.

VERDICT : It is a fun film with action scenes. Though a few dialogues are not good, you can ignore them. Screenplay is little confusing, yet you can enjoy the film. Go for it!