Shree Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 3/5

One Line Review: A Sci-Fi mystery feast arrived to keep you glued to your chairs with unique concept and dozens of twists and turns.

Positive Points: Good direction, Fine story plot, Lack of dull moment in story.

Negative Points: Character performances not upto the mark, Lack of melodious music, ambiguity in the story at some point of time, Low production quality.

Plot: Shridhar Upadhay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) is a layman, who has newly joined a telecom company. Shridhar, who is called as 'Shree', is in love with Sonu (Anjali Patil). But, he cannot marry her, till Shree fulfills the demands of Sonu's mother in terms of a good career, self-owned flat to live in Mumbai. Shree lives a very normal life till the day his destiny decided something thrilling for him ahead in his life. His luck changes drastically, when his company owner Mr. Randhawa (Rio Kapadia), who is in pursuit of big moolahs, chooses Shree for his unique scientific experiment. For being the guinea pig for this gripping experiment, Shree is offered with whopping 20 lakhs rupees, which is an enough amount to lure a common man with a low pay scale. In return, Mr. Randhawa demands twelve hours of Shree's life. Mr. Randhawa along with their other three partners prefers to keep complete secrecy from Shree about the details regarding the experiment.

As the greed for wealth overtakes the mind of Shree, he decides to go ahead with it. Several dangerous things lie ahead of Shree in this 12 hours horrific journey of his life. But, as soon as the experiment starts, Shree comes know that his life has not remained same as before and it has become a complete roller-coaster ride. Now, at this stage, Shree has plenty of 'Wh' type of questions flocking his brain. Confused Shree gets accused of killing Mumbai Police Commissioner, a Police Officer and a scientist.

What is the task that Shree has to perform in 12 hours?

What exactly happens in these breathtaking 12 hours of Shree's life?

How Shree come out from this mystery with flying colours?

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: An appreciable directorial work executed by debutant director Rajesh Bachchani. He has dared to make a Sci-Fi thriller keeping the gadget show and visual effects at their minimum. In spite of a mere spoon feeding the viewers, Bachchani has tried to make the audience use their brains. Though the story mirrors with some of the Hollywood Sci-Fi flicks, the director has put lots of twirls in it. There are many eyebrow-raising moments in the film.

It would have been better if the script unfolds itself with little bit less confusion. The ambiguity in the plot can make viewers stretch their brain for better understanding. The production quality is very poor and in the end, it seems like it is movie with good story but low funds.

However, the powerful concept overrides the negative details dampening the spirit of the movie. Overall, it is a very appealing story and impressive job done by the debutant director.

Performance: Hussain Kuwajerwala, a television personality debuts in this film. The newbie performs his part convincingly, though it could have been much better than this. The lead actress, Anjali Patil sounds unbearable, irritating and loud at times.

It would have been better if the director would have roped in better actors for the role of scientist and Police Commisioner. The acting performances by supporting cast are average. The supporting actors do not leave any impact at all.

Music: The music is of a low quality. The songs cannot blend with the movie's overall flow. The lyrics and music are not at all kind of memorable.

Final Verdict: With a great, unique and new story, Shree has huge potential to become attention-seeker among the audience. Though at a low level as compared to Hollywood Sci-Fi flicks, Shree makes a place for itself in the world of off-beat movies. In a nutshell, the film is definitely worth a watch.

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