Singh Is Bliing Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - October 2, 2015

Rating: 3/5

One line Review: 'Singh Is Bliing' is a complete mass entertainer that stays true to its comedy genre, ensuring one has a good laugh throughout the movie.

Positive Points: Akshay Kumar's comic timing and performance will surely win your heart. The Khiladi Kumar is back in his fun avatar and arrives in style to entertain you to the fullest. The first half of the film especially, is a laugh riot. The gorgeous locales in the backdrop are captured and presented beautifully.

Negative Points: The story is not impressive but the comedy covers it all. There are many illogical sequences and a few stereotypical characters that degrade its quality. There are a few loopholes in the script and the second half of the film is dragged a bit to length. All the songs!

Plot: The story revolves around the protagonist Raftar Singh (Akshay Kumar), who is a good for nothing Punjabi Puttar and a complete Muma's boy. Frustrated with his ineffectiveness and carefree antics, his father warns him to take control over his life. He gives him two options - either to marry an unattractive oversized girl from his village or move to Goa to work under his best friend. Feeling rather choice less, Raftar moves to Goa and there he meets Sara (Amy Jackson). Raftar is given the job to protect Sara, who is the daughter of the arms dealer from Romania. While Sara is a non-Hindi speaker, Rafter on the other hand does not know a word of English. Hence, he hires a translator named Emily (Lara Dutta), so as to ease the communication barrier.

Meanwhile, in Romania, a gruesome gangster Mark (Kay Kay Menon) is on the run to kill Sara as she had affronted him for bugging her in public. The plot further unfolds as the Punjabi Puttar Raftar, falls in love with the tough girl Sara and even she starts falling for him. The climax of the film is very Bollywoodish and has a typical end.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: 'Singh Is Bliing' is an emblematic Prabhu Deva film. Though the actors manage to pull off the plot really well, but the faults and flaws in the script are still evident. Akshay Kumar's body language is extremely funny and works wonders for the movie. The filming and cinematography is decent with average editing. The music of the film is its weak point. The songs just pop out of any given situation or event and are plain unnecessary!

Performances: Akshay Kumar is truly lovable in this movie as he essays the character of a silly but innocent and good at heart Sardar Raftar Singh. His apt comic timing and funny body language make your two hour movie journey a happy one.

Amy Jackson impresses the audience with her tough girl antics. Though, her performance in the emotional sequences needed improvement, she managed to execute the fight scenes quite well.

Lara Dutta delivers a praiseworthy performance and surprises the audience with her commendable comic timing. She acts in her character of a Geeky Goan Translator really well.

Kay Kay Menon as a gruesome gangster is rather annoying. His silly one liner 'I am too good' that he chooses repeats frequently is insane.

Rati Agnihotri plays the role of Akshay's mother quite convincingly. She essays the character of a typical Punjabi mother who loves her child no matter what.

The other supporting cast also essay their part decently.

Music: The songs are not up to the mark.

Final Verdict: Despite all the loopholes, the movie manages to entertain the audience thoroughly. 'Singh Is Bliing' is a mindless, fun, light hearted comedy flick that intends to render a pleasant smile on your face while you leave the cinema hall. For movie genres like comedy, it is not about the story, but about the good time that one has while watching it. I will go with 3 out of 5 stars.