Tanu Weds Manu Returns Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - May 22, 2015

Rating: 3/5

One line Review: Funny Sequences and witty dialogues, this puzzled love story is a laugh riot.

Positive Points: The quirky story tale is very well constructed and narrated. The director and his creative team have done a remarkable job. The fun element is intact throughout the movie. Stupendous performances by the actors, especially Kangana in both the roles!

Negative Points: Slightly slow paced second half which was dragged a bit to length. Some illogical scenes that seem unreal.

Plot: The story begins from where it ended in the prequel, the movie opens up with Tanu and Manu's marriage video. The story further illustrates the happenings four years down the line where Tanu and Manu are settled in London. But now things have changed between them, love has evaporated and what remains is just soreness and tolerance for each other! After a weird yet funny quarrel at a mental asylum in London, Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) flies to her hometown, Kanpur leaving her hubby, Manu (R. Madhavan) in the asylum to bear the consequences.

While Tanu is back to her audacious, irresponsible, spoilt-child like self, Manu is still brooding in depression pondering over the breakup. In Kanpur, Tanu meets all her past lovers, does all she can, to get over the pain which is hiding inside her and in this, her prime supporter is Chintu (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Chintu is a tenant at Tanu's house, who like many others, has fallen for her. In the meanwhile Manu meets Kusum aka Datto, a look alike of his wife Tanu and instantly falls for her. Kusum is a National level athlete and has a fearless, independent personality which is charismatic. And then begins the subtle love story of Kusum and Manu. In all this love chaos, Raj Shrivastava (Jimmy Shergill) is strangely connected once again! Where this weird twist in Tanu and Manu's life will lead them to, is the further watch in the film.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Aanand L Rai, the man behind the camera has executed this love story remarkably well. The screenplay and the scripting is just right. Kudos to the dialogue writer: Himanshu Sharma, who has truly done a phenomenal job. His witty one liners and the smart yet humorous dialogues make you laugh as if you have consumed a laughter pill. Great backdrop and realistic depiction of small town mentality.

Performances: Needless to say, Kangana is a phenomenal actor and she truly steals the show as Datto. The athletic mannerism, the Haryanvi accent she portrays is just mindboggling. Any amount of praise seems to be an understatement for Kangana's performance in this film.

R. Madhavan is just perfect as Manu. He appropriately displays what is expected of him. He has sweetly moulded himself in to the character and advocates his role brilliantly.

Jimmy Shergill also does full justice to his part as Raj Avasthi. All the other supporting actors play their part well.

Music: All the songs from the movie are already topping the music charts and are superbly composed.

Final Verdict: Tanu and Manu are back again to delight the audiences with their weird and quirky love story. For all the movie buffs, TWMR is surely a must watch!