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Tees Maar Khan Review

Tees Maar Khan Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

TEES MAAR KHAN was a much awaited film of the director Farah Khan. It was promoted on very high level and lots of money was spent on its promotion. You could see Farah Khan appearing in almost all reality shows but nothing is going to work since this film is not up to the mark.

Cast & Crew: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Arya Babbar, Murli Sharma etc are the main casts of this film. Salman Khan has appeared in a guest role in an item song. Husband of Farah Shrish Kunder is the writer of the film who has also penned some songs of this film. Vishal – Shekhar has given the music of the film. This film is produced by Twinkle Khanna (wife of Akshay Kumar) and Ronnie Screwwala.

Story: Tabrej (Akshay Kumar) is an international thief. International police remain always on his hunt and whenever he is caught he gets out of their trap with the help of some tricks. Once Tabrej is on a train when two twin brothers come to know about him and hand over a task to him: The task to rob/steal the wealth being carried in that train. The train is being guarded by police force.

But Tabrej doesn't quit and takes up the challenge to steal the wealth. He makes a plan to steal the wealth in which he involves his girlfriend Anya (Katrina Kaif) and the film actor (Akshay Khanna).

Direction: No doubt the direction of the film is good. Farah Khan has directed her earlier film MAIN HOON NA which was very good. OM SHANTI OM was also fairly good. But what lacks in this film is good script.

Script: The script of the film is written by Shrish Kunder who took several years to write the script of the film. People were expecting a good script from him because he has been an editor also. But he failed to deliver a good script. So Farah Khan can not be blamed too much because until and unless a script is good the director can't take too much liberty to increase the quality of the film. The director may choose big cast which Farah Khan did by choosing Akshay Kumar and Kaitrina Kaif but of no use. The director may select lavish locations which Farah did but which may not give positive result. The director also made nice strategies to promote the film (which a writer can't do) and she spent a lot of time in promoting the film through the item song Sheela Ki Jawani but nothing is going to attract masses until the content of the film is liked by the audience.

Music: Music of the film is plus point of this film and Vishal Shekhar should be appreciated for giving so nice music. But their music is hardly going to attract too many viewers because of the poor content. Sheela Ki Jawani is already on the top list of music charts and a few other songs such as kawwali are also good and you can listen to them again and again.

Performance: As usual Akhsay Kumar is over confident and has over acted at many places being too loud. Years back what he was is not now and some films success have made him think that if he is there in the film nothing else is needed for the film's success. It seems that despite the failure of CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA, KHATTA MITTHA etc he hasn't learnt any lesson that content of the film should be good. Only then audiences are going to like him. Loud acting was not needed in this film.

Katrina Kaif has done well in Sheela Ki Jawani item song and remained as usual in acting in the whole film as she could be seen in her earlier films. She has given many hit films with Akshay Kumar but here that magic may not work.

Akshay Khanna and Anil Kappor have done their part well but they are wasted as they have got very less footage.

Conclusion: The film has almost all masala of commercial films but you may not like sitting for 2 hours due to lack of good content. You may feel that your time and money got wasted.

Verdict: Go for it only if you are not contented by watching Sheela Ki Jawani item song on TV. Otherwise you would hardly find anything interesting worth your money.

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