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Tere Bin Laden Review

Tere Bin Laden Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Laden is known as a terrorist and for his terror activities worldwide and America is hunting him after 9/11 terror. But no one could imagine that a name which creates terror could make all smile after the release of the film TERE BIN LADEN.

TERE BIN LADEN appears to be the title of a serious film with terrorism, gun shots, brutal murders, blasts etc without any funny moments. But this film is just opposite. This is a fun film which keeps smile on your face till the end of the film.

TERE BIN LADEN has been produced by Pooja Shetty and Arti Shetty and has been directed by the debutant director Abhishek Sharma.  The casts of this film are Ali Zafar, Pradhyuman Singh, Sugandha Garg, Nikhil Ratn, Piyush Mishra, Rahul Singh, Seema Bhargav and others.

The story goes like this:

TERE BIN LADEN is the story of a Pakistani reporter Ali Zafer who is desperate to go to America for his bright future. But when ever he tries to go to America, his visa is rejected and he is unable to fulfill his dreams. He doesn't know what to do and how to go to America. But one day, he luckily sees a man who resembled Osama Bin Laden. He gets an idea to fulfill his dream. He then comes up with a plan to shoot a fake Laden's video. With the help of his friends he shoots a video and sells that footage to various news channels as a breakthrough scoop.

But unfortunately something else happens and not what Ali had wanted.  The white House gets involved in this matter seriously and sends their secret agent on the trail of the reporter (Zafar) who had shot the video.

What happens next is the rest of the film.

Although the director had chosen a serious issue but he very effectively converted it into a fun film. No body can say that this film could be Abhishek's first film. He has also written the script which is very good. He has tried to create humor in almost every scene and he has succeeded. Since he himself has directed his script he could justify it better and could give so nice result. Others might have asked him to make so many changes that the film would have failed to create so much impact as much it is creating now. Abhishek has proved that comedy is not limited to only big names like Prydarshan or Anish Bazmi etc. But even people like Abhishek can give very hilarious films. Actually when you get a good script you can do well in all departments.

For example, since the script was good, all the actors could do well otherwise hardly any audience would go to watch the film. The star cast is not big. None of the actor is a big star, but if they keep doing films of this kind they would surely become star one day.

Ali Zafar is superb in his role. He keeps you hooked through his good performance. With his passionate willpower to get to America, he satisfactorily links the assorted characters jointly. Though Zafar is usual as Ali Hassan, he does show signs of the propensity to go over the pinnacle. But elegant direction and sharp writing make the good-looking Zafar a delight to look at. It is uncommon to see a performer in this singer-actor-comic role; he is to some extent evocative of the enormously loveable singer Kishore Kumar.

Pradyuman Singh has played the role of Osama Bin Laden (as a duplicate). He looks exactly alike Osama Bin Laden. The costume designer and make up department has done excellent job. No one can say that he isn't Osama Bin Laden.
Piyush Mishra is outstanding as Majeed, the tightfisted proprietor of the news channel. The sharp-tongued Majeed charges fines to his employees incase they committed any fault and collects their hard earned cash in a small piggy bank. However, his functions are just opposite at home because there he acts the henpecked husband in front of his wife who is dominating and foul-mouthed wife.
Barry John has played the role of US agent Ted, who is sent in to follow Laden. Though the majority of his performance is passive, not like the other players in this movie, John rises to the incident throughout a pre-climax scene, where he finally gets angry. Ted's has used half British and half American accent.
Chirag Vora too has played well as mistreated video editor of the news channel.
The films music too is good which is given by Shanker Ehsan Loy.

The dialogues are good and hilarious which make you smile.

Though this film's protagonist is Ali Zafar and the central character of the story is Ali, Pradyuman Singh too makes equal impact as duplicate of Laden.

Actual Laden should have spoken Arabic but this Laden speaks in Punjabi accent which creates humor. The original Laden plays with real guns and bombs but this meek Laden is busy in raising poultry. When this man speaks Arabic in typical Punjabi people can't stop themselves, from laughing.

Pakistan is considered to be America's hanger that's why this film is not being shown in Pakistan. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in this film which could create riot or anything like that. It's just a fun film and even Pakistanis would enjoy equally.

The director has created Hyderabad location to look like Pakistan for which he should be appreciated. You will not get feeling while watching that you are watching Hyderabad. He has shown the culture, people and ambience of Pakistan which looks real. Art department should also be given credit for it.

Unlike some films which end badly, this film has ended well.  No one knows what will take place in the end. How would America react when it would come to know the truth. But the director has given you a good ending which satisfies you.

This film is full of entertainment which can be watched with whole family. So don't miss this film.

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