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Tere Mere Phere Review

Tere Mere Phere Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

TERE MERE PHERE is a Hindi feature film produced by Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota and the director Ketan Mehta. This film has been directed by the wife of Ketan Mehta, Deepa Sahi, who had been a well known actress some years back.

Story : This film is the story of Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) who are newly married couple. However they are constantly in warzone on their way to honeymoon. Their plane is unable to take of due to some problems and their fate compels them to make their journey through a customized van. Meanwhile, Jai (Vinay Pathak) hijacks them because he has to meet his girlfriend Ria Sen who would marry someone else if he didn't reach there on time. So the film shows their 10 hours journey in which Jai tries to make some funny moments.

Performance : The newcomers Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia are so and so. They are irritating instead of appearing to be a lovable couple. Vinay Pathak is as usual and has managed to make you smile for just a few minutes due to the script. Rest actors such as Darshan Jariwala and Sushmita Mukharjee are usual.

Script : The script has been written by Deepa Sahi as well the actor Jagrat Desai which is weak. Only the 20 percent of the film's story is okay and bearable; rest 30 percent of the film is so & so and rest 50% of the film is intolerable.

Music : Music has been composed by Shivangi Kashyap who has also written the songs of this film. Both the things are poor. Neither music is up to the mark; nor the songs.

Direction : This film is the directorial debut of the actress Deepa Sahi who has tried to make a comedy-romantic film but has failed in both the aspects. Of course she has managed to make people smile for a few minutes but for those few funny moments anyone would hardly tolerate rest of intolerable scenes.

Minus Point : Its script is its minus point. Music too is its minus point.

Plus Point : This film is a film of the Bhajan Samarat Anup Jalota who has millions of fans worldwide so his fans are more interested to know about the film which may give it positive result. Else all other aspects are weak.

Conclusion : This film could have been better and could have done good business but will fail to do so due to poor script.

Verdict : It appears to be a comedy film but its not. If you want to watch Himalayan beauty you can watch it or if you can bear the irritating comedy of the characters, you can go for it; otherwise watch it on satellite or DVD release.

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