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W Review

W Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - March 15, 2014

Rating: 2/5

One Line Review: A grey trail to the back of the mirror shined society.

Positive Points: Standing firm to its title, the lady brigade has turned the tables through their acting capabilities. Second most comes in is the script which is unique and appreciable.

Negative Points: The film strips have zipped too long through the editing table. Sustaining the torturous scenes to a limit can have delivered the same impact.

Plot: 'W' which stands for an event company is raised up on the shoulders of three lively girls Sandy (Leeza Mangaldas), Roohi (Lezlie Tripathy) and Manu (Sonal Giani). Walking their dream into stars, the trio hits the bull's eye with 'Freedom Concert'.

Pulling up the socks for preparations, this is when the three souls cross paths with bizarre minded guys (Raaj Singh Arora, Danish Pandor and Abhay Attri), sons of a minister who are succumbed to narrow minds which against modernization adapted by famines. The grey hearts kidnap the lady trio on their way back to home. Leaving Manu behind viewing her preference towards girls, the creep minds trash her and pick up Sandy and Roohi for their delight. Projecting their captivity and torture, the chronicle offers a different taste clearing the fizz at the end.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: Director-Writer Tarun Madan Chopra has tried hard to justify this unique concept that has ran over through his table. But, however the newly director lacks perfection that's called experience, which is why it can be neglected as it's his first.

Not getting much into other details, cinematography and other technical aspects have gone smooth enough. The first half of the film runs with not much pleasant views that are to be viewed by all sound minds thus, making celluloid stand out from the normal Bollywood queue. Carrying up the same, a more of editing could have only nourished the creation in a good manner.

Performances: Projects the victims of the assault, actresses Leeza Mangaldas and Lezlie Tripathy have projected the sheer pain and trauma felt by the actual victims thus, standing themselves out through the celluloid. The third delight, Sanal Giani has also sustained to deliver her best. Antagonist Raaj Singh Arora, Danish Pandor and Abhay Attri brings out the feel of creepy feeling of the dilute section (rapists) which was required for screening the dilemma on screen. Looking at the overall star cast, the film has come out to be healthy without the support of any known faces, crediting all the actors.

Music: Composed by Daboo Malik, the track list does not hold back to listeners. Merely, they sound well during the feature but lack reorganization. The background score speaks out loud during the traumatic situations and thus brings down chill through the spine.

Final Verdict: As the title suggests, the feature is not meant for masala junkies. The motion is not for all to digest too well but, is a great attempt to shake up the society to change its view towards the victimized portion of its own. Overall, standing in queue with a range of women centric treats like 'Gulaab Gang' and 'Queen', the movie takes the trail on a different track which is good and requisite, matching up its committee standards.

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