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We Are Family Review

We Are Family Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

The producers Karan Johar and his mother are known to make family oriented film for the family. In the past Karan has made some nice family films such as KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM etc. Though some of his films like KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM etc worked and some films like KABHI ALWIDA NA KEHNA didn't.

After a long time Karan has started daring to make movies whose titles do not begin with the alphabet 'K'. All his earlier films such as KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM, KABHI ALWIDA NA KEHNA, KURBAAN, KAL HO NA HO etc began with the alphabet 'K'.  After the failure of some of his films starting with 'K' did his astrologers suggest him to change his lucky alphabet? Even TV queen Ekta Kapoor, who believed in 'K' alphabet lucky for her, changed her 'K' alphabet.  Karan's another film which didn't begin with the alphabet 'K' was MY NAME IS KHAN. Well, now let's talk about the film WE ARE FAMILY.

The story of the film is such:

Aman (Arjun Rampal) and Maya (Kajol) is a happy married couple. They have three children named as Alaiya, Anjali and Ankush. Their family life is going well. But then something happens in the life of Aman which changes his life completely and his family gets scattered. Circumstances lead to the separation of Aman and Maya. They take divorce from each other and stay separately. But the children remain in possession of their mother Maya.

After separation, Aman starts living with his girlfriend Shreya (Kareena Kapoor).

One day, due to some reasons, Aman visits his ex wife's house. There he finds something wrong with Maya. He feels that Maya was trying to hide something from him. Later on he discovers that Maya was diagnosed with some fatal disease due to which Maya was concerned about her children. She was worried to think what would happen to her children after her death.

Aman is shocked to hear this bad news about Maya's health. For the sake of Maya and his children, he starts staying with Maya and their children under the same roof where Maya lived. A time comes when Aman brings home even Shreya to stay with them and to take care of their three children. But Maya doesn't accept this. It is intolerable for her to know that someone else, especially the girlfriend of his ex-husband was trying to replace her as the mother of her children. Aman tries to explain the matter to her but she puts her deaf ears towards him.

Even Maya's children are not ready to accept Shreya as their mother.

What happens next is the rest of the film. Whether Maya dies or not? Whether Maya allows Shreya to be the mother of her children after her death or not? You have to go to the theaters to watch such queries answers.

This film is the adapted version of Hollywood film 'STEP MOTHER'. But unlike some producers, Karan Johar has not just copied the film but legally he has purchased the rights to make a movie on that film and to release it in India and abroad.

Karan Johar is fond of shooting his films abroad. So just like some of his earlier films he has shot the film abroad.

Moreover, this film is Australia based. The story is about non residents of India, so it was also necessary to shoot the film abroad so that the film could look authentic.

The film totally revolves around the three characters: Maya, Aman and Shreya. Maya is a perfect mother whereas Shreya is a career oriented women. Maya loves her children more than anything whereas Shreya loves her career more than anything else.

But Maya's character is such that Kajol dominates each and every character in the film from start to finish; especially she dominates Shreya (Kareena Kapoor).  Kajol is a great performer. In acting Kareena doesn't match her anywhere. Kajol has beaten Kareena in performance in most of the scenes.  At this stage also, when Kajol is married women and has children in real life, she looks more beautiful than Kareena. Kajol's acting in FANAA after her marriage was highly appreciated. In the film MY NAME IS KHAN too Kajol's performance was excellent. In comparison to Kajol, Kareena appeared loud at many places. She has also overacted at some places which may be because in her subconscious mind it would be there to compete with Kajol.

But Kareena suits to her role and has justified her character. The choice of Shreya by the producer and director of the film was perfect.

Audiences do not have sympathy with Shreya's character whereas viewers have a lot of sympathy with Maya's character. But to match Kajol in acting Kareena has tried to labour hard. She might have learnt many acting lessons from her senior actress Kajol during the shoot of the film WE ARE FAMILY.

Though Arjun Rampal doesn't have to do a lot; yet he has played his part very well.  He is a good actor but hardly get chances to show his talent. He fits in action films too much but he doesn't get any action films now.

The performances of children played by Aanchal Munjal (as Aleya), Nominath Ginsberg (as Ankush) and Diya Sonecha (as Anjali) are very good. They suit their characters and fit into the script.


Film of Karan Johar's used to contain very pleasing music earlier. Go some years back when his films KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GAM etc contained so pleasant and charming songs which you still remember and would love to hear again. But recent films of Karan Johar aren't doing so well in music departments. On one hand the music of the film DABANNG has hit the market and MUUNI BADNAAM HUI, MAST MAST DO NAIN are on the top list of music stairs but on the other hand, the songs of WE ARE FAMILY aren't doing so well even after its release. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are good musicians and can deliver good music. But why they are not delivering fantastic music as they did earlier is puzzling everyone.

This is a serious film; and would make you emotional many times. Here are also a few heart touching scenes. The film is a bit slow in the first half but it gains momentum post interval.

Cinematography of the film is good and the cinematographer has explored abroad locations brilliantly.

Choreography in the film is also good and according to the situation.

Now let's talk about the director. It is directed by Siddarth Malhotra and even though it is his first film as an independent director, he has done his job well. He has justified what the script demanded. He has potential and can do well in future.

This is a serious film where fun lacks. But family, especially women would like the film.

Even though it lacks commercial value, there is one element in this film which has the power to attract viewers and eventually it will earn good revenue. The makers would not be at loss by making this kind of film.

It is not like any insensible daily soap but has some meaning in it. Hence there is no problem in watching this film. But if there is any sick person in your family, ailing with some severe diseases, you should not take him or her to watch the movie.

The film has been produced under the banner of Dharma Productions and its casts are Kajol, Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Aanchal, Nominath, Divya etc.

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