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Welcome 2 Karachi Review

Welcome 2 Karachi Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - May 29, 2015

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: This comedy thriller is a combination of hilarious Sequences, amusing and witty dialogues, and is a political satire, floating on an average execution.

Positive Points: Extremely funny and witty dialogues and one liners by the writer. The illogical yet funny sequences make this movie a laugh riot. As a political satire and a comedy thriller, the movie stays true to its genre throughout.

Negative Points: Slow paced narration and a bit too lengthy storyline. A few illogical and brainless sequences that make the plot unbelievable. Weak special effects and VFX.

Plot: Kedar Patel (Jackky Bhagnani) is a dimwit adult who has been rejected the US visa several times and the son of Mitesh Patel (Dalip Tahil) a businessman in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Shammi Thakkur (Arshad Warsi) is an Ex-Navy officer and childhood bestie of Kedar. Both of them accidently land into Karachi, Pakistan by the sea. And then the crazy adventure begins where Kedar and Shammi in their desperate attempt to cross the border keep falling in more and more trouble. The portrayal of Pakistan that is relatively under developed and extremely dangerous to be in can be clearly witnessed. The brainless duo falls trap to various uncertain circumstances including terrorists, Taliban, ISI, corrupt politicians and so on. The film makes you laugh throughout with its combination of silly sequences and witty dialogues. The story takes an interesting twist while coming towards the climax. Whether Kedar and Shammi will reach India safely makes the rest of the film.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Ashish R. Mohan has done an average job when it comes to direction. The special effects and VFX are super weak as the sequences where they are used clearly look fake. The dialogues and the witty one liners turn out to be a saviour for the film. Had they not been good, the film would have nothing of substance. The dialogues along with the apt comic timing of the actors manage to give you good doses of laughter throughout the movie.

Performances: Arshad Warsi gave a praiseworthy performance and delivered a commendable comic timing which he is blessed with. He acts his character throughout and has managed to pull off the plot really well.

Jackky Bhagnani is good as a dumb Gujarati and does fair justice to his role. Lauren Gottlieb has a negligible role in the film though she tried her best to perform well. Her effort to lip-sync the dialogues was appreciable. Though her dancing skills are impeccable, she still has to go a long way when it comes to acting. All the other supporting actors play their part very well.

Music: The song 'Lala Lala Lori' is already a hit amongst the youth and is a delightful song that appears at the end of the film. 'Karachi Ki Shakira' is a dance number from the film which also has fun beats but not an extremely wonderful one. There are other songs in the movie which are passable.

Final Verdict: It is a light hearted, mindless, fun comedy thriller, and can be a complete family entertainer. For the witty and amusing dialogues and the apt comic timing of the actors, 'Welcome 2 Karachi' can sure be a one time watch.

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