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Yaariyan Review

Yaariyan Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - January 10, 2014

Rating: 2/5

One Line Review: A youth flick that intends to depict the spirit of friendship and strength of purpose, albeit in a very unsophisticated and unpolished manner.

Positive Points: Groovy music, Performances and the plot.

Negative Points: Blatantly inaccurate depictions, Factual errors, Average direction, Certain unconvincing scenes.

Plot: Lakshya (Himansh Kohli) and his friends Pardy (Shreyas Pardiwalla), Neil (Dev Sharma) and Jiya (Nicole Faria) who study in the St Stephen's College are full of life and energy. Lakshya who lost his father in war, is irresponsible, but cheerful and fun loving young lad. He is always looking to hook up with the hottest girl in the college. His quest to kiss one of the most gorgeous girls always fails due to his friend's stupidity or his own callousness.

However, one day when the college is having a stage play going on, Lakshya's attempt to kiss Jenny (Serah Singh) fails and as a result of his friend's clumsiness, the whole drama gets spoiled and turns into a mockery. Unfortunately, the college Principal Jimmy (Gulshan Grover) is also present there, who had already witnessed the friends making a mess of their surroundings. He decides to rusticate half of the students from the college which makes the whole college nervous.

However, he informs them that a rich Australian business baron had bought land from the local king and now wants to demolish the nearby girl's hostel and built pubs and bars over there. The only way to save the hostel is to accept the challenge of the arrogant Australian and take on the rival Australian teams in every sport and cultural event.

The college forms a team with the four friends and Saloni (Rakul Preet) a nerd girl, who joins the team for practicing and preparations.

The team of five flies to Australia and enjoys the time with the sun, sand and the beach. At the same time, Lakshya falls for Jannet (Evelyn Sharma), a gorgeous girl from the Aussie team. However, what was just meant to a series of sporting and cultural events turns out to be a tragedy and the story proceeds.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: Direction is ordinary and well suited to the film. This aspect can be forgiven since the film is debut one for director Divya Khosla Kumar. However, one may feel that it could have been done better. Cinematography is good and does well to keep the audiences engaged in the film.

Performances: Given that the star cast has made a debut in the film, their performances are quite well delivered. They embody the characters of the fun loving and cheerful youth who just want to enjoy their time at the hostel. Peripheral actors like Gulshan Grover, Deepti Naval and Smita Jaykar perform their roles well. One gets to come across a phrase 'hormonal locha' throughout the film, for expressing their state of constant lust for hot girls.

Music: The most significant and the only thing that makes this movie a bit enjoyable is the music. The songs 'ABCD' and 'Sunny' by Yo Yo Honey Singh are perfect party tracks. Others like 'Love Me Thoda Aur', 'Allah Waariyan' and 'Meri Maa' are very catchy and enjoyable. Especially the song 'Baarish' is very rhythmic, soft and melodious one. No wonder, the lyricists and composers have done a great job.

Final verdict: The film basically tries to show that even though the youth is laid back and fun loving, once they make up their mind, they can be the best go getters and won't stop unless they accomplish their aim. The movie which is set in the backdrop of college life, is definitely enjoyable, but is filled with too many inaccuracies and errors that one simple can miss. The film is a one time watch and fares averagely.

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