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Yeh Khula Aasmaan Review

Yeh Khula Aasmaan Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

Rating: 2.5/5

YEH KHULA AASMAAN is a Hindi feature film which released on 25th May 2012. This film has been directed by the debutant director Gitanjali Sinha which has been produced under the banner of Gitanjali Creations and the producer of the film is Hemendra Aran. This film falls in the category of sports film. But is it really a sport film? Is it really worth watching? Read the review below before you head on towards the theatre.

Story : This film is about Kite Flying Competition and this film is also about regaining lost glory in sports. The story revolves around Avinash (Raj Tandon) whose parents live in London. His father is considered as coward and selfish who due to some reasons left India. His father (grandfather of Avinash-Raghubir Yadav) lives in India in Bhagalpur and Avinash lives in Mumbai who is studying but he never comes to meet them.

Avinash fails to pass IIT entrance examination which leads him into depression. And one day he goes to meet his ailing grandfather (Dadu) in Bhagalpur. His grandpa fills with joy to see him. He stays with him for some days.

While staying with his dadu, Avinash realizes that his grandpa was expert in flying kites and had also won kite-flying championship when he was young. People still used to appreciate his skills in kite-flying. But Avinash's dad was a coward who, instead of staying back and becoming a kite-flying champion, left his country and went to London.

Eventually, the 'family honour' comes into Avinash's hands.

What happens thereafter? Does he take part in kite-flying competition and win the champion's title? What is the role of his grandfather? What are the obstacles that come in the way of Avinash to win the champion's title? All such queries are answered in the remaining part of the film.

Acting : Raghubir Yadav suits the character and justifies the role. He has performed fairly well. Raj Tandon is a newcomer but the fire in him seems to be missing and doesn't excel in his performance. However, he is okay and in emotional scenes he has done better. His girlfriend Anya is not so impressive. Manjusha and Yashpal do not leave any mark.

Script : The script has been written by Gitanjali Sinha, Ravi Chopra and Samarth Lahiri but it is not powerful. In fact, script is one of the weakest factors of this film. It does not keep you hooked and engrossed.

Music : Anand Chitragupt and Milind Chitragupt have composed its music which fails to impress you due to various reasons even though the lyrics are good.

Editing : In a film like this, you need proper cutting and you should also choose the shots wisely! But the editor has not used proper shots. Two shots, master shots and close shots are not placed in well manner.

Direction : This is the debut film of Gitanjali Sinha but she fails to impress you. The script is weak and the director could not add anything special to it. She tried to make a sports film but stands no where in comparison to CHAK DE INDIA! The direction is not up to the mark and shots are confusing. Of course the editor too is at fault who might have used close shots where it was not needed. However, the director achieves to get success in some scenes such as emotional scenes where she did well.

Plus Points : Some scenes are sweet

Minus Points : Nothing in this film is Extraordinary

Conclusion : Making a sports film is a good effort but you can't make a film just based on kite-flying without a perfect story! You need to instigate fire in the audience when you are making such film and you can't just make a film in such a flat manner. You need to take proper shots to justify the game! Due to low star cast and poor script and direction, this film would fail at the box office and hardly survive for long even though there are a few good films running in the theatres.

Verdict : Not a bad film! A film sweet in parts! A film made with good intention! But nothing special to watch it in theatres! So better stay away till its satellite release.

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