Taarzan - The Wonder Car

Taarzan - The Wonder Car

06 August, 2004 | 2 hrs 42 mins

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Director : Abbas Burmawalla , Mustan Burmawalla

Producer : Gordhan Tanwani

Star : Vatsal Seth , Ayesha Takia, Amrish Puri

Devesh, an automobile engineer passes away leaving his son and mom strangled. After a span his son Raj gets old and finds his dad\'s long lost car Tarzan in a scrap. With an idea to renovate it, he hopes to revive his father\'s memories. Getting it all done the super car is now controlled by his dad\'s soul, who now uses it to kill his assassinates.

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Deven Chaudhary lives a middle-class life with his mom, and only child, a son, Raj. He spends considerable time designing and perfecting the perfect car, calling it DC, and registering ... More

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