05 September, 2008 | 1 hrs 45 mins

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Director : Santosh Sivan

Producer : Shripal Morakhia , Mubina Rattonsey

Star : Victor Banerjee , Purav Bhandare, Rahul Bose

The story sets in the backdrop of Kashmir Valley where the local people are now accustomed to the regular violence and gun fires. Tahaan lives with his family in Kashmir hoping that his father who has been missing for three years will return some day. The death of his grandfather pushes the family into debts and the local moneylender takes away all the assets of his family including Tahaan's beloved donkey named Birbal. While his whole family seeks recovery from the predicament , Tahaan is determined to bring his Birbal back. In this journey, Tahaan gets drawn towards violence which he does not possess a capacity to understand.

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