World Cupp 2011

World Cupp 2011

18 December, 2009

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Director : Ravi Kapoor

Producer : A. Gems Pvt Ltd

Star : Ravi Kapoor , Suresh Oberoi, Zakir Hussain

The movie with a mixed bag of sports and crime deals with the backdrop of Cricket World Cup 2011. Ravi Indulkar, the captain of the Indian team fixes the match along with his four team member against Pakistan. The film focuses on the world of underworld, extortion, bookies, gambling and match-fixing.

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Yet another story on sports and life. 'World Cupp 2011' is a film which brings about an unholy relation between the underworld and the cricketers. Starring Ravi Kapoor, this movie is his ... More

World Cupp 2011 movie review


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We have seen many movies based on Cricket in the past, but most of them, disappointed us. Not because public didn't want to see films on games, but because the movies were not made interestingly. Everyone liked LAGAAN, because the story was told in a nice way. Audience love to watch movies based on games but the films should be presented in nice manner.

The movie WORLD CUPP 2011 appears to be a movies based on Cricket. And since India is a country where crores of Cricket fans would like to see film based on WORLD CUPP 2011 which is in real going to happen. But this film won't be ... full World Cupp 2011 Review

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