04 March, 2005 | 2 hrs 30 mins

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Banner : Eklavya Visions Pvt. Ltd.

Director : Kamal

Producer : Nitin Raj Aryadath

Star : Ajay Devgn , Mahima Chaudhry, Amisha Patel

Pooja, a rich, wealthy, spoiled girl gets whatever she desires. Such an attitude attracts her to her professor Suraj. Getting to know her feelings, he strictly denies her proposal and humiliates her. Fierce, she gets to know that the reason behind her rejection is Supriya, Suraj\'s love, a dancer recovering from paralytic stoke. She confronts her and discusses the unfairness which again lies Supriya back to stroke. Considering Supriya\'s last wish Suraj marries Pooja but, soon walks out of her life after getting to know that she was the one responsible for Supriya\'s condition.

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Rich widower Deepraj Khanna lives a comfortable lifestyle in India with his only child, a daughter by the name of Pooja, who always gets what she wants. When she enrolls in an all-girls college, she ... More


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