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15th Mumbai Film Festival to present M. F. Husain's granddaughter's art

15th Mumbai Film Festival to present M. F. Husain's granddaughter's art

Mehvash Husain, the granddaughter of the famous late painter M.F. Husain to present \'Oonga\', a film made under her production at the prestigious \'Mumbai Film festival\' today.

By BollywoodMDB Team - October 21, 2013

While the famous painter Mr. M. F. Husain cherished his fetish for Bollywood divas along with Bollywood films, his youngest granddaughter accompanies the grandpa in the Bolly lanes too. As the 'Mumbai Film Festival' is basking in fumes of surprises, here comes another from the painter's legacy.

Carry forwarding the filmy fetish as like her grandpa M. F. Husain and papa Mustafa Husain, the youngest granddaughter Mehvash Husain is now all set to present her piece of motion art at the prestigious 'Mumbai Film Festival'. Mehvash, who completed her film course from San Francisco, soon assisted the ace director Shoojit Sircar and the fine art photographer Bharat Sikka, as she landed her foot in the motherland, India. Also gaining a lot of experience in Hollywood by contributing as a casting director in the flick like 'Life of Pi', the beauty opened up a production house 'Mooprint Pictures', which is equally managed by her and her father Mustafa. The production house negotiated by the father-daughter duo is specialized in enlightening the indie gems.

So as a gem produced under her assistance, 'Oonga' starring the marvels of the indie segment, Nandita Das and Seema Biswas, is all set to breath a fresh air with its premiere show that is scheduled to held at the 'Mumbai Film Festival' today, on 21st of October.

Post 'Gaja Gamini', we hope Mehvash will stroke the filmy canvas with bright colors, presenting 'Oonga' as a tribute to her loving grandpa and the canvas magician, late M. F. Husain.