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Kajol, Ajay Devgn get nostalgic about Lonavala

Kajol, Ajay Devgn get nostalgic about Lonavala

Actress Tanuja is currently busy in creating awareness about saving the environment in the town along with Kajol and Ajay Devgn. The Devgn duo became nostalgic about the old Lonavala.

By BollywoodMDB Team - May 14, 2013

Tinseltown celebrity couple Kajol and Ajay Devgn remembered their childhood memories of Lonavala while on a weekend tour at the hill station. The duo reached Lonavala to support senior actress Tanuja's (Kajol's mother) campaign 'Save Environment' in Lonavala.

Tanuja owns a house in Lonavala. Currently, she is trying to create an awareness to save the environment amongst the localites. She is also an active member of Lonavala-Khandala Citizens Forum (LKCF).

While in Lonavala, Kajol cherished her childhood moments which she spent at Lonavala. She said that she has so many memories of this place when it was all desolate. She revealed that there were no bungalows except for theirs in that area. She also revealed that she learnt to ride a bicycle in Lonavala itself. Kajol said that her father taught her to ride a bicycle in front of their bungalow. Previously, it was just a free road, but now there is a park constructed in that place and also some houses are built there, as Kajol remembers.

Kajol also remembers that her mother used to tell her to arrive home by 1 p.m. but she used to go around and sit for four to five hours. She used to walk around the whole Lonavala and climb bushes and all. Kajol , like her mother Tanuja , is supporting various social and environmental issues in Lonavala along with her husband, renowned actor Ajay Devgn.

Ajay Devgn also shared his childhood memories of Lonavala. He said that he used to visit Lonavala frequently in his childhood, especially in rainy season. He used to bunk off school to go there. Ajay reveals that at that time, Lonavala used to be all open and a small beautiful hill station. But now, it has become a full fledged city. There is no difference between Mumbai and Lonavala now, Ajay added.