Model-turned-actress Mahika Sharma to pay a visit to Asifa's parents!

She is going there to meet and lend support to Asifa's parents.

By BollywoodMDB Team - April 17, 2018

Mahika Sharma, who won the title of 'Miss Teen Northeast' and is also a well-known social worker, will visit Kathua in two days to meet and lend her support to Asifa's parents. "I'm planning to visit Asifa's parent and want to make them feel that how Asifa is living inside every Indian girl. I'm always there for them as a daughter whenever they need. I also feel not only me but every Indian girl will agree to stand by them in need. I will promise them to not be scared of any group of community or whoever is protesting for rapists because India is against them and we will get our little sister justice as Indian women are never weak. We are much stronger than men,” she said.

Model-turned-actress Mahika Sharma to pay a visit to Asifa's parents!
Mahika Sharma 

Talking ahead, she also shared, "I was earlier scared of God as in my childhood my parents use to say that God punishes the bad. But after learning the incident, I feel God is nowhere. And we Indians spend a lot of wealth simply in the name of God. Even it brings a little confusion that does really the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata was true? Or it was just written by someone."

Mahika, who comes from Assam, also went on to tell how even at a place like Assam which has no rape records earlier in the history, now has 88 rape cases in 26 days, "I feel sorry about my sisters in Assam who are not at all secured now. As per a DCR (Daily Crime Report) says 88 rapes in 26 days in Assam. I'm just keeping a faith that SC will allow that rapists be thrown alive in the cage of lions and tigers in Zoo. That’s how they kill a girl and that’s how they should be killed."

Mahika also works for sex workers rehab programme and has appeared in Bollywood and Assamese movies.

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