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Ruslaan Mumtaz got hurt while shooting

Ruslaan Mumtaz got hurt while shooting

Budding actor Ruslaan Mumtaz got injured while shooting a jungle shot for his next film. Ruslaan's foot has got an injury and the actor is currently undergoing the necessary treatments.

By BollywoodMDB Team - May 14, 2013

Young actor Ruslaan Mumtaz who is looking forward for the release of his upcoming love-hate flick 'I Don't Luv U' , got injured badly while shooting for his next film. Ruslaan injured his foot badly while shooting for a jungle shot. In this shot, Ruslaan had to run along with the female lead of the film.

According to the source, Ruslaan got slipped and sprained his foot while doing this jungle shot. He got hurt very badly. The pain was so severe that the director had to call the pack up for the day. When asked Ruslaan, he said that , fortunately his foot is not swollen. But he is experiencing the severe pain. It was a late night shoot and he had to be rushed home immediately. He hopes that there should not be a ligament tear.

Ruslaan is taking care of his injury and going through the necessary treatments. He said that he has applied some homemade remedies like ice, but if the pain does not subside shortly, then he will surely consult the doctor.