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‘Sadak 2’ is all about Sanjay Dutt, says Pooja Bhatt!

‘Sadak 2’ is all about Sanjay Dutt, says Pooja Bhatt!

Talking about the film ‘Sadak 2’, actress Pooja Bhatt says, “It is going to be about Sanjay Dutt from the first frame to the last’’.

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 3, 2017

Director Mahesh Bhatt made ‘Sadak’ with Sanjay Dutt 26 years back, and now the director wants to make its sequel with Sanjay again. Talking to a leading tabloid, the veteran filmmaker said, "Sanjay who was 32 when we made the original, comes back as a 54-year-old Ravi into the 21st-century world that is collapsing in front of his eyes, where the distinction between the house and the ‘Sadak’ is fast disappearing. The story has the emotional connect of the films I made back in the’90s which brought a lump to the throats of the viewer. I could see that in the reaction of those present at the narration. They were visibly moved.” Pooja Bhatt, who played the female lead in Sadak, added, "While my character is unique, it is going to be about Sanju from the first frame to the last. It’s my father’s ode to him.”

‘Sadak 2’ is all about Sanjay Dutt, says Pooja Bhatt!
Sanjay Dutt, Mahesh Bahtt and Pooja Bhatt

Bhatt also made it clear that there will be no Alia Bhatt in the sequel. He said, “No, Alia is not going to be a part of this film. But it is going to bring back Pooja in a dazzling new avatar. "

Mahesh Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt have stood rock solid with each other in their low times. The duo will reunite after a long time, though Bhatt made is clear that he’ll not be sitting on the director’s chair this time but will be involved with writing and production.