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'Satya 2' holds love song filmed in Kashmir

'Satya 2' holds love song filmed in Kashmir

Ram Gopal Varma recently shot a romantic song for his next \'Satya 2\' in scenic Kashmir valleys. The picturesque backdrop provided a great outline for the song.

By BollywoodMDB Team - September 4, 2013

After the crime-thriller 'Satya' (1998) attained plenty of praises from the masses, the sequel of the film is now on the cards. 'Satya' narrated the story of Mumbai underworld don, Bhiku Mhatre and the film was produced and directed by the ace filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. Now, once again Varma intends to proceed the tale further with its next installment.

Going by the latest news update, Ram Gopal Varma recently filmed a romantic song from the upcoming film 'Satya 2' in the picturesque heaven, Kashmir. A source close to the filmmaker claimed that a romantic music track was also a part of the predecessor 'Satya'. Albeit, 'Satya 2' tags itself as an underworld narrative, a graceful romantic song will give an extra edge to the film, said the source. This romantic track set at the backdrop of scenic Kashmir valleys will surely prove a visual delight for the audience, added the source. As per the reports, the song was shot in Kashmir in the month of June.

Though Ram Gopal Varma usually deals with the films revolving around a dark theme, the renowned filmmaker also delivered some hit projects earlier, including 'Rangeela', 'Mast', 'Daud' and many more. The forthcoming RGV wonder 'Satya 2' will present all the fresh faces playing crucial roles.