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'Satya 2' walks through thorny path

'Satya 2' walks through thorny path

'Satya 2', which was supposed to release on November 8, got again postponed, as one of the producers dragged the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to the court.

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 6, 2013

It seems Ram Gopal Varma's 'Satya 2' has to travel though a thorny path to hit the screens, as its release was initially postponed over some issues with one of the financers. And now, 'Satya 2' is again facing problems, as L R Active Oils Pvt Ltd, who are one of the producers of the film, has accused Ram Gopal Varma of 'malpractice'. L R Active Oils Pvt Ltd has dragged the filmmaker Varma to the court, reportedly.

As per the reports, RGV terminated contract with L R Active Oils Pvt Ltd on October 22 and post this, the issues started getting complex. This contract was terminated by Varma without giving a valid reason. Hence, the producers intend to seek interim relief and asked the court to stay the release of the movie until the final verdict comes out. Today, the holiday court will hear the matter. The filmmaker Varma attested the story by saying that "My lawyers are working on it, since the matter is sub justice, I cannot comment on it."

'Satya 2' was supposed to release on October 25, but the movie will come out with flying colours and will unveil on November 8.