Sequel to Go Goa Gone might be happening next year!

Producer of the film Saif Ali Khan likes the idea & director Raj and DK are planning its sequel!

By BollywoodMDB Team - September 12, 2017

Comedy is one of the genre which has turned out to be fruitful for both filmmakers and the audience, and even Bollywood showmen would never fail to experiment with the genre! One such experiment in comedy was, Go Goa Gone, which was praised by critics and audience and now be recalled as a Cult-classic! It is still a talked about film of the modern time and fans even demanded a well deserving sequel to it. Hence, with such positive demand for a sequel, makers of Go Goa Gone have decided to make a sequel and it might be released next year!

Sequel to Go Goa Gone might be happening next year!
Director Duo Raj & D.K. & Saif Ali Khan

There were plenty of reasons why Go Goa Gone became such cult-hit! From unique plotline that mixed with Zombie-horror flavor, a quirky comic element that also includes weed humor and a well-written script that made this film such a classic! And for sequel director Raj and DK pitched some ideas and storyline for its sequel and actor Saif Ali Khan, who produced the first film, also agreed to produce sequel too.

Sequel to Go Goa Gone might be happening next year!
Poster of Go Goa Gone

Although, there still isn’t any confirmation as the same cast will be followed in the sequel or not but, directors have indicated that the character of Boris played by Saif Ali Khan will remain in the sequel! Even in the first film, Go Goa Gone, they left some crumbs for the sequel, where they managed to escape out of zombie-island and returned to civilization, only to find out the civilization is already contaminated by the drug that made them zombie! Though we still can’t predict, considering Raj and DK’s track record, they might add a new storyline rather than continuing the Zombie formula! Only future updateds will reveal the plot, which will be posted on BollywoodMDB!

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