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Shahid Kapoor's journey from student to killer in 'Haider'

Shahid Kapoor's journey from student to killer in 'Haider'

While we all know that Bollywood\'s heartthrob Shahid Kapoor has gone complete bald in \'Haider\', director Vishal Bharadwaj provides the deep insight for his this move.

By BollywoodMDB Team - August 16, 2014

Director Vishal Bhardwaj is a firm believer of Shakespearian era. According to him, even though the eternal writer would have pen the stories 400 years ago, but the subjected human conflict still exists in today's time. This makes Vishal to adapt his famous staged drama into a full-fledged Bollywood film.

With reference to his earlier films 'Maqbool' and 'Omkara' adapted from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and 'Othello' respectively, this time Vishal is presenting 'Haider' which is his version of revenge-drama 'Hamlet'.

Vishal has adapted Shakespeare's most toughest play, casting Shahid Kapoor in the lead role of Haider. He has made Bollywood's heartthrob go complete bald from long hairs, which is a part of his emotional journey. As per the reports, he starts being a simple student in search of his father and ends up being a mad killer seeking revenge.

Shahid's "go bald" journey sounds interesting, lets wait and watch what it has in store for us!