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Shilpa Shukla gets candid about 'B. A. Pass'

Shilpa Shukla gets candid about 'B. A. Pass'

The rising star Shilpa Shukla denotes the sensitive theme of upcoming flick 'B. A. Pass'. She aims at making people compassionate about the issue.

By BollywoodMDB Team - June 26, 2013

Shilpa Shukla, who made one remember her for the fabulous performance in earlier flick 'Chak De India', has now taken a road less travelled. Shilpa was lastly seen in the film 'Bhindi Baazaar Inc'. Now, it seems that Shilpa will be transforming from an actress to a seductress in her upcoming erotic human drama 'B.A. Pass'. Shilpa does not fail to mention that her theatre experience proved useful a lot in order to essay the character in 'B.A. Pass'.

'B.A. Pass' is directorial venture of Ajay Bahl and it is said to be inspired by true life story named as The Railway Aunty from the book 'Delhi Noir' by Mohan Sikka. Shilpa will be depicting the shades of character named Sarika Aunty in the film. The prime theme of the flick is male prostitution. The movie will talk about a boy named Mukesh from small town, who arrives in Delhi for his college studies. During his stay in Delhi, a mysterious married woman attempts to seduce him.

Shilpa Shukla denotes that the movie goes hand in hand with the sensitive reality and underlines the pressure faced by today's youth to earn quick money. This youth doesn't understand the thin line between good and bad and that's what reflected in this movie. Though the film revolves around a single character, it aims at representing story of plenty of people.

Shilpa revealed her reason behind doing a comeback with this bold flick mentioning that she wanted to make the masses compassionate about this susceptible issue.