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‘Yaariyan’ fame Himansh Kohli wants to host a travel show!

‘Yaariyan’ fame Himansh Kohli wants to host a travel show!

The actor was last seen in Dil Jo Na Keh Saka. The film failed to fare well at the box office.

By BollywoodMDB Team - December 11, 2017

Actor Himansh Kohli, who made his crossover to films from television, has no issue returning to television if he gets an opportunity to host a travel show. “I am waiting for a good TV project. I would definitely want to do something related to travel because I love travelling. I remember watching a travel show of Deepti Bhatnagar long back. There were more such shows on other channels also. I seriously loved them. There was something really nice about them. I always think to host one such show because there is a lot to discover and you get to explore the whole world. If something like that comes from television, then why not? I am always open to doing such stuff,” the actor said.

‘Yaariyan’ fame Himansh Kohli wants to host a travel show!
Himansh Kohli

When the actor was asked about what kind of roles he wants to do in films, he said, “After Yaariyan, I think, I was too sure that I wouldn’t be repeating my roles till the time I can, because there are very limited characters an actor can play. Yes, you can play it in a different way to add your own characteristics to it or, maybe, to take your graph to another level. Let’s see what comes to me next. I will definitely select the best and give my best to it and then see what people have to say about it.”