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Yami Gautam, who played blind in ‘Kaabil’, spreads awareness on World Organ Donation Day!

Yami Gautam, who played blind in ‘Kaabil’, spreads awareness on World Organ Donation Day!

Not many people know that Yami Gautam, who played a visually impaired girl in ‘Kaabil’, has donated her eyes in real life.

By BollywoodMDB Team - August 14, 2017

Yami Gautam won millions of hearts with her terrifically convincing performance in the Sanjay Gupta directed film ‘Kaabil’ where she played a role of visually impaired and garnered appreciation from all corners. Not many are aware of the fact that Yami in real life had pledged to donate her eyes. Now, the actress is spreading awareness on donating organs. The feisty and vivacious actress gets candid on the account of World Organ Donation Day.

Yami Gautam, who played blind in ‘Kaabil’, spreads awareness on World Organ Donation Day!
Yami Gautam

Q. As we celebrate World Organ Donation Day, it must be an extremely special day for you?

A. Yes, it is! But not just for me but anyone who is a humanitarian.

Q. We have heard that you also donated your eyes about three -four years back. What made you do something so special and noble?

A. We often underestimate the things that we blessed with until we lose it. I felt it's the least I could contribute & touch someone' life who would value having a vision in the most righteous sense.

Q. Do you feel more and more people should donate their organs; and that celebrities like you can help drive home the message?

A. Personally, I don't think that for any humanitarian cause people should need a celebrity to urge them! It all comes from your own heart I feel! But sometimes seeing a celebrity speak or spread awareness for a cause may help also people infuse a sense of confidence & oneness in them to be able to share the same noble ground.

Q. Is it true that family members of yours have also donated their organs in the past?

A. Yes! As a family, we have donated our eyes.

Q. You acted in Kaabil recently in which you played a visually challenged girl. After the film, can you identify with such specially-abled people? How was your experience?

A. Kaabil has been a life changing experience for me which is beyond just professional parameters. Playing a visually impaired girl gave me an insight as to how granted at times we take something as simple but important as our sight. But what stayed with me most importantly is the spirit that they have. We got to meet so many achievers who are only impaired in vision but much more will be powered & able than so many of us.

The whole world celebrates the World Organ Donation Day on 13th August.