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Aksar 2 Review: A sleek and gripping tale that never stops surprising the audience!

Aksar 2 Review: A sleek and gripping tale that never stops surprising the audience!

Planning to watch Aksar 2, starring Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla and Mohit Madaan, read here full movie review before booking your tickets.

By Mohnish Singh - November 17, 2017

Cast: Zarine Khan,Gautam Rode,Abhinav Shukla,Mohit Madaan,S. Sreesanth,Lillete Dubey,Denzil Smith

Director: Anant Mahadevan

Rating: 3/5

Aksar 2 One Line Review:

Aksar 2 basically revolves around a bunch of shrewd and cunning people who want to forge the will of an ageing woman, Khambatta, to their advantage.

Positive Points: Performances, Music, Cinematography, Locations

Negative Points: An overstretched second half

Aksar 2 Plot Review:

After the mysterious death of ageing billionaire Khambatta’s governess in an accident, investment banker Patrick Sharma (Gautam Rode) hires Sheena Roy (Zareen Khan) as the new governess to take care of her. Khambatta does not want a young governess as she might have in a relationship and hence cannot show the commitment the job demands. However, Patrick convinces her, thinking Sheena is a helpless girl and he can use her to his amorous advantage. But little does he know that Sheena has a boyfriend, Ricky (Abhinav Shukla). Ricky is going through a lean phase in his professional life and hence allows Sheena to take up the job. But there is more to things happening around than meet the eye. Soon Patrick comes to know that a game is going on and everyone around Miss Khambatta is a player who want to forge Khambatta's will to their advantage. Even Sheena is the girl with a mission. To know what happens next, watch the film.

Aksar 2 Review: A sleek and gripping tale that never stops surprising the audience!
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Aksar 2 Performance Review:

Aksar 2, which is a sequel to the 2006 film Aksar, features Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla and Mohit Madaan in important roles. In the role of a woman with a mission, Zareen is good. She looks glamorous on screen and plays her part well. Having said that, one thing which you might feel while watching Aksar 2 is that her character in the movie looks somewhat similar to what she played in her last release, Hate Story 3. The only difference is that her character in Aksar 2 has more layers. Talking about Gautam Rode, with his restraint act, he does leave an impression. He uses his eyes pretty well while enacting a scene and that is what makes him look great on screen. Abhinav Shukla as Ricky does not get proper time to show his skills. His chemistry with Zareen is good though. Debutant Mohit Madaan is seen playing an integral part in the film. Initially, his character may look secondary, but it takes the centre stage post interval. The newcomer shows promise. Other character actors have also performed well.

Aksar 2 Direction Review:

Well-known actor filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan returns with an out and out commercial potboiler after a long time. We all know that he is a filmmaker who can helm all types of subjects with panache. In Aksar 2, he gives an output of high standard. He brings best out of his artists in the meticulously crafted thriller which keeps you hooked. Apart from direction, he has also written the film with screenplay and dialogues provided by Sanjeev Puri. While story and screenplay are good, dialogues could have been better.

Aksar 2 Technical Aspect Review:

The film is brilliantly shot across some breathtakingly beautiful locations. The cinematographer has done a good job. He makes the film look even more beautiful. Sets and costumes are also good. Production value of the movie is quite rich. Editing by Jitendra Shah is weak as the film drags a lot in the second half.

Aksar 2 Music Review:

Like its predecessor Aksar, Aksar 2 also boasts of great music. Mithoon’s melodies have power to charm you. Songs like Aaj Zid Kar Raha Hai Dil and Jaana Ve are beautifully composed, written and picturized. The third song in the album, Tanhaiyan, is also good. In a nutshell, Mithoon and lyricist Sayeed Quadri have done an amazing job.

Aksar 2 Final Verdict:

Aksar 2 is a well-made film that keeps you engrossed thoroughly. With a plethora of twists and turns and good performances by actors, it manages to capture your attention. Overall, it is a masala entertainer which deserves at least one watch.

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