Baaraat Company Review: A fun Rom-Com around runaway wedding, filled with hilarious moments!

Tale of a guy, who discords love-marriage, falls for a girl, who initially hates him, while stuck in misadventure of runaway love-marriage!

By Amol S. Malkar - July 28, 2017

Cast: Ranveer Kumar,Sandeepa Dhar,Anurita Jha,Vishal Karwal

Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal

Rating: 2.5/5

Baaraat Company One Line Review:

A Rom-com of a guy, who discords love-marriage, falls for a girl, who initially hates him, while stuck in misadventure of runaway love-marriage!

Positive point: Performance by Sandeepa Dhar & rest of the supporting cast, cinematography, and storytelling!

Negative point: Stoic performance of second lead, Ranveer Kumar!

Baaraat Company Review Plot:

The Baaraat Company is a story about a guy who was sort of brain washed into thinking that love and love-marriages are the evil for society and it should be abolished. And in order to keep those principles of him working to the society and to keep his marriage planning business alive, Immu started to forcefully break in into relationships of people so they would marry the suitor planned by their parents, not the one they love. The business was booming and his life was sorted. Until Mehek came into the picture! Mehek came back to her hometown from Delhi, as her friend wishes to get married, without her parents' consent and needed Mehek to take such brave decisions. And as the fate of their deeds is concerned, their destiny crosses each other!

Baaraat Company Review: A fun Rom-Com around runaway wedding, filled with hilarious moments!
Baaraat Company Movie Poster

As they come across each other, Immu finally realized how unreasonable his mind set was and how unjustified he was toward those couples, whom he spread apart. And as an act of redemption, he joins Mehek & her cause and started helping her friend to get married. But what after effects it causes after they took the decision and the kind of misadventures they got involved in is the story of Baaraat Company.

Despite being a typical Bollywood style Rom-Com, the narration also gives you a glimpse of the characters and how they react to the situations and chaos of the after effects. Some of the key elements & moments like the guilt a character feel when she realizes though she was following her heart, marrying a guy without letting your parent’s knowledge is so wrong. Or key moments when Immu realize how badly one can be in love that when situations set their life apart, the Saajan still felt a longing for his girl, was commendable. It also has many moments of light hearted humor, which some of you might feel relatable to. Although humor elements are mostly kept to the standby, it has its ticklish moments, like the weed humor they used in one scene.

Baaraat Company Review Direction:

We wouldn't say, the direction was flawless as there were many scenes which lose viewers from its narration, but we can't completely dis Syed Ahmad Afzal' direction, as it also grips us to the key moments in the film, which kind of makes even in the flaws card. He justified story righteously and a technical approach to the typical Bollywood Rom-Com story telling is appreciable.

Baaraat Company Review Technical Aspect:

There isn't much to say about its technical traits as it was well carried. The cinematography was average in usual but the use of Ariel shots from scene and locations to another was new, at least to the Rom-Com genre in Bollywood. The use of acoustic Guitar lead in the background to carry special scenes in the film was a good decision and it did stand out to the narrative point. The way Lucknow was shot was good and more of a realistic. In all, we can say it was technically well made.

Baaraat Company Review Character Performance:

The overall performance of the cast in the film was good and to the story, not much but not less too. Actors, whether playing good characters or being the antagonist, did their parts very well. But it’s the casting and performance of Ranveer Kumar that nibs and stuck like sore tooth till the last frame he was in.

It is good that an actor maintains consistency if the script demands it, but that doesn't mean it gives you license to remain expression less and nonreactive to the narration, throughout the film. There were so many moments and scenes in the film, where emotional spectrum goes up and Ranveer just had to react to the situation and he remained alienated from the scenes, which became turn off for the film. In usual cases, it is okay if supporting character underperforms as the lead character is there to hold the narration up, but in the case of Ranveer Kumar & Baaraat Company, it was opposite and supporting cast outperformed the lead. But it was good that Sandeepa Dhar was in the female lead, which would keep you glued to the film.

She was dominating every frame she was in, whether through charm or her performance. Though, due to Ranveer’ unbearable performance in the film, the chemistry between him and Sandeepa Dhar was downright lackluster! But considering Sandeepa’ performance in the film was good and even better in the second half.

The supporting cast of the film is real stars of the film. While lead was assigned to play romantic aspect, rest of the supporting cast was to entertain you with their antics. The trio of Bhura Jackson, Rani and Dil Jala will keep you entertained and so well steal the show, it literally dominates the lead in any scene they were in. Also the performance of Anurita Jha was commendable and complementing well to the story and special role by Vishal Karwal was also admirable.

Baaraat Company Review Music:

Sadly, the music element of this rom-com wouldn’t cast any impression and just a passable! Although a qawwali, Maula, is worth listening to.

Baaraat Company Review Final Verdict:

The film surprises to be a good entertainer, despite its slow promotion! It is good and entertaining Rom-Com that has plenty of moments which keep you entertained!

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