Bareilly Ki Barfi Review: Though not extremely fresh, taste this Barfi at least once!

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Sanon is a love story set in a small town. Read below detailed review of the movie.

By Mohnish Singh | Updated On: Aug 18, 2017 08:37 AM

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Cast : Kriti Sanon,Ayushman Khurana,Rajkummar Rao,Seema Pahwa,Pankaj Tripathi

Director : Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Rating : 2.5/5

Bareilly Ki Barfi One Line Review:

A book helps Bitti Mishra feel so good about herself that she decides to trace the author. How she finds him out and what happens later forms the crux of the story.

Positive Points: Rajkummar Rao steals the thunder from everyone around. The direction is good and the plan of basing the film in a small town works for it.

Negative Points: The story gets a little predictable way before reaching its climax. Editing is not up to the mark.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Plot Review:

Bitti Sharma ( Kriti Sanon ) is everything that a small town girl is not supposed to be. She is rebellious, bold and independent. She boozes often times and shares cigarettes with her father. Because of her being so outgoing and gregarious, no boy from a respected family in Bareilly is ready to marry her. Her engagement has broken two times in the past, which has become a great cause of concern for her parents ( Seema Pahwa ) and ( Pankaj Tripathi ), especially for her mother. All her mother wants is to see her daughter settle down at the earliest. When Bitti realizes she cannot take this pressure anymore, she decides to run away from her home. She has just taken a train to some unknown place, but a book called 'Bareilly Ki Barfi', which she had bought just before boarding the train, forces her to change her decision and go back to home. Bitti finds out that the protagonist of the book is just like her. She is amazed to know that how can somebody write a fictional character which has so much uncanny resemblance with her life. She has a mission now, to find out the writer of the book.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Review: Though not extremely fresh, taste this Barfi at least once!
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Her search takes her to Chirag Dubey ( Ayushmann Khurrana ). Chirag was once in love with a girl called Bubbly who ditched him and married somebody else. Since then he has not dated a girl. But once he comes know about Bitti's fascination for the writer of Bareilly Ki Barfi, he fabricates a story and promises Bitti to help her meet Pritam Vidrohi ( Rajkummar Rao ), who is supposedly the writer of the book. Will Bitti ever be able to meet Pritam? In case, she does will she be able to find out the mystery behind the book? Is Pritam the real author of the book? Will Chirag find love once again? To find answers to all these questions, hit the theatre nearest you.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Performance Review:

The film stars Kriti Sanon as Bitti or we can say as Bareilly Ki Barfi. All characters in the movie are perfectly sketched out, but it is her character that has been given more importance. And Kriti knows that well and makes most of the opportunity. In the role of a bubbly, outspoken, small town girl, she looks perfect and nails her character brilliantly.

Talking about Ayushmann Khurrana , who plays Chirag in the film, he too puts up a sincere act at display. His character is totally different from what the actor has played in his career so far. That is something I am sure the audience is going to like about him in the film. The only problem is that the actor at times fails to maintain the consistency in his diction and tone.

Rajkummar enters the scene much later in the film, but the moment he makes his unassuming entry in the movie, it completely belongs to him. With his natural act, he makes you clap and whistle for him. The way he gets into the skin of his character is amazing. He is indeed one of the best talents that we have today in our industry. No matter in which role you cast him, he delivers his 100% and makes the film his.

Supremely talented actors Seema Pahwa and Pankaj Tripathi are seen as Bitti's parents. You will love them whenever they appear on the screen.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Direction Review:

Bareilly Ki Barfi is the second directorial of Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari who has previously helmed the highly praised Nil Battey Sannata . With Bareilly Ki Barfi , she tries her best to make a feel good film which has humour and romance blended in together. But the film falls short of expectations simply because of a not-so-strong screenplay and a very predictable storyline. There is no doubt that she has taken the best out of her artists and her directorial skills are amazing but had Bareilly Ki Barfi been a more tightly scripted film, it would have been better. Having said that, one can still give a chance to the film and all the efforts Ashwiny has put into making it.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Technical Aspects Review:

The film has been majorly shot in Bareilly and Lucknow. The locations are real and add to the beauty of the film. Camera work is good and so is production value. Editing of the film has many glitches. The first half of the film is poorly edited.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Music Review:

Bareilly Ki Barfi does not boast of iconic music. Having said that, all the songs go well with the narrative. But there is no song in the film which you will croon after coming out of the theatre.

Bareilly Ki Barfi Final Verdict:

The film does not promise a great romance, but it does have some moments which stay with you. You can watch the film to catch those moments and feel happy.

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