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Indu Sarkar Review: Bolstered by superlative performances, Indu Sarkar is a film with a unique sense of realism.

Indu Sarkar Review: Bolstered by superlative performances, Indu Sarkar is a film with a unique sense of realism.

Read here comprehensive review of Madhur Bhandarkar's political drama, Indu Sarkar, starring Kriti Kulhari, Neil Nitin Mukesh and others.

By Mohnish Singh - July 28, 2017

Cast: Kirti Kulhari,Neil Nitin Mukesh,Anupam Kher,Tota Roy Chowdhury,Parvin Dabas,Sheeba Chaddha,Zakir Hussain,Satyajit Sharma

Director: Madhur Bhandarkar

Rating: 3/5

Indu Sarkar One Line Review:

What all a wretched woman goes through when she decides to raise her voice against the atrocities and tyrannical policies of the government during the period of emergency.

Positive Points: Convincing performances, powerful dialogues and, above all, competent direction by Madhur Bhandarkar.

Negative Points: The pace of the film could have been a little faster.

Indu Sarkar Review Plot:

Orphaned at childhood, Indu (Kriti Kulhari) is a simple girl with very simple dreams. Though she wanted to become a poetess, her nascent dreams were nipped in the bud by her teacher who advises her to live her life like every other woman in India - get married, manage kitchen and produce children. Indu complied and, when she grows up, appears in front of many men and their families to get a bridegroom. But each time she meets nothing but rejection due to her speech disorder until Naveen Sarkar (Tota Roy Chowdhury), a government employee working under politician Omnath (Satyajit Sharma) and Chief (Neil Nitin Mukesh), enters her life and changes it forever. Indu and Naveen get married soon.

Indu Sarkar Review: Bolstered by superlative performances, Indu Sarkar is a film with a unique sense of realism.
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Everything is perfect in their life until Indu comes to know that her husband is complicit in the demolition of a basti where hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. Naveen wants to advance his career during the state of emergency (1975-1977) and hence connive with his seniors to raze the basti in the heart of Delhi. When the police is busy destroying people's houses, Indu happens to pass by there and is shocked to see what is happening. She finds two kids stranded in the chaos and brings them home. But Naveen does not approve of her decision and asks her to send the children either to the police station or orphanage. Indu, who has by now well understood the demon of emergency, decides to part ways with Naveen and becomes an activist with Himmat India Sanghthan, spearheaded by Nanaji (Anupam Kher), which is protecting against the emergency imposed by the tyrannical government and its policies. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Indu Sarkar Review Character Performance:

The film has some brilliant actors, but the one who walks away with all the limelight is undoubtedly Kriti Kulhari. She is a complete revelation. Her last release Pink did not revolve entirely around her, even then she managed to garner a lot of appreciation almost from all corners. And maybe it was her exceptional performance in the courtroom drama which helped her bag this film. In Indu Sarkar, she surpasses your expectations. Her hold on her expressions, her belligerent yet controlled body language and dialogue delivery make her act praiseworthy. She has got some really powerful dialogues in the film, which make her character appear even more powerful and nuanced.

Actor Tota Roy Chowdhury in the role of Kriti's husband, who is ready to put his family at stake to fulfill his ambition, is perfectly cast. Talking about Neil Nitin Mukesh, he, too, tries his best to deliver a performance which turns out to be one of his best ones. He played his part perfectly. Veteran actor Anupam Kher also appears in a brief, but well-performed role. Other artists are also good and all pitch their roles perfectly, especially Satyajit Sharma.

Indu Sarkar Review Direction:

National award-winning filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar, is the helmer of the film. He is known to make films which are rooted in reality and explore what lies behind facsad. Though Madhur has some brilliant films like Chandni Bar, Page 3 and Fashion to his credit, his last two movies Heroine and Calendar Girls dented his reputation a lot as a filmmaker. The same audience, which once showered praises on him for his bold and realistic cinema, did not take much time in rejecting him when he started serving mediocrity on the platter in the name of entertainment. Indu Sarkar redeems him from all of that. This is sort of a comeback for the eminent director. No matter what fate the film meets at the ticket window, Indu Sarkar will always be remembered as one of his best cinematic creations. His storytelling, characterization, and the pace be propels his film on celluloid make Indu Sarkar a must watch. As a filmmaker, Madhur Bhandarkar creates an atmosphere which is evocative, teeming with underlying tension. It definitely marks the return of a maverick filmmaker who had lost his mojo in last few years.

Indu Sarkar Review Technical Aspect:

The team has invested a lot in the film in terms of research and execution. The film is well shot. Background store and sound designing are impeccable. Distinction marks go to art direction and set designing team. Their work lends authenticity to the film.

Indu Sarkar Review Music:

The entire soundtrack of Indu Sarkar has been prepared by Anu Malik. Songs go with the flow of the narrative. Background score is powerful.

Indu Sarkar Review Final Verdict:

Watch Indu Sarkar if you want to see a taut and engaging political drama.

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