Jolly LL.B 2 Review | Akshay Kumar | Huma Qureshi

Jolly LL.B 2 Review: Injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere! The movie closes with this line and sums up to prove it rightly.

By Meghana Pawar - February 10, 2017

Cast: Akshay Kumar,Huma Qureshi,Annu Kapoor,Saurabh Shukla,Kumud Mishra,Innamulhaq,Sayani Gupta,Rajiv Gupta

Director: Subhash Kapoor

Rating: 3.5/5

One line Review: Injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere! The movie closes with this line and sums up to prove it rightly.

Positive Points: The film is an unfortunate reflection of the state of our country’s jurisdiction. Moreover, the movie is set at a realistic backdrop and stayed true to its genre. The film sees some of the finest performances and sharp dialogues that hit at the right ends.

Negative Points: There are several loopholes in the second half as compared to the crisp first half. Also, there are a few inexplicable aspects that seem unsound.

Plot: Jagdishwar Mishra fondly known as Jolly (Akshay Kumar) is a jolly good lawyer who works as an assistant to Lucknow’s top lawyer. He is an ambitious middle class family man who immensely loves his demanding yet loving wife Pushpa (Huma Qureshi). To fulfil his father’s dream of owning a chamber, Jolly tricks a pregnant widow Heena Siddiqui (Sayani Gupta) for money. The lady who seeks justice for her husband’s murder, commits suicide, leaving Jolly in utter shame and guilt.

Jolly LL.B 2 Review | Akshay Kumar | Huma Qureshi

Jolly then takes it on himself to fight for justice going against the system and the powerful. The layers of the case unfold and Jolly faces tremendous obstacles in the path of justice created by the culprits to hide their hideous crimes. The court room drama where Jolly fights a legal battle with the adversary, top lawyer Pramod Mathur (Annu Kapoor), in presence of Judge Tripathy (Saurabh Shukla) decides the fate of the distinguished case!

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Director Subhash Kapoor exceptionally showcases the nuances of the legal system of the country. There is a very detailed description presented through the scenes which is remarkable. The plot is strong with a substantial point to make and it does so aptly! The performances upgrade the level of the film, adding the required weightage with their fine craft. The dialogues and writing are on point and elevate the intensity of the sequences. The one liners and court room dialogues are worth all the praise. The real condition of cases in the small towns and the judiciary system has been portrayed. The editing is crisp and very well manages the run time of the film. Overall the movie impresses and is impactful!

Performances: Akshay Kumar once again delivers a to-notch performance. His mature acting skills is just right for the role. He effortlessly moulds himself into the character of Jolly which is commendable. He carries the film on his able shoulders throughout.

Huma Qureshi does just what is expected out of her. She essayed the role of Jolly’s wife justifiably. Although, there was not much scope and scenes for her, she makes her presence felt.

Annu Kapoor is an eminent actor. His realistic approach to acting is his strength. He simply excels his role of top lawyer Pramod Mathur delivering classic dialogues that stay.

Saurabh Shukla is again perfect as the judge. He still holds an innocence and charm in his performance. His court room scenes are remarkable indeed applause worthy.

Sayani Gupta has a small but a very powerful role and she essays it strikingly.

All other supporting actors do justice to their part, serving the story to move forward smoothly.

Music: The film does break out in a few impromptu songs like ‘Go Pagal’ and ‘Bawra Mann’ among others. The background score is passable.

Final Verdict: Overall this intense court room tale sums up for a good one time watch that is realistic and hard-hitting at the same time!

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