Judwaa 2 Review: With plenty of humour and fun, it’s a film for the mass!

Read here BollywoodMDB’s comprehensive Judwaa 2 review before booking your tickets. Know whether or not the film deserves a watch!

By Mohnish Singh | Updated On: Sep 29, 2017 01:31 PM

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Cast : Varun Dhawan,Jacqueline Fernandez,Taapsee Pannu,Vivan Bhatena,Anupam Kher,Ali Asgar,Rajpal Yadav,Atul Parchure,Vikas Verma

Director : David Dhawan

Rating : 3/5

Judwaa 2 One Line Review:

Two twins, separated at birth, meet in their prime to protect their family from the goon who set them apart years ago.

Positive Points: Varun Dhawan ’s Performance, Cinematography and Direction

Negative Points: Some dated jokes here and there which fail to elicit any laughter.

Judwaa 2 Plot Review:

The movie starts off in Mumbai where a rich businessman is blessed with twins, but before the family could celebrate the arrival of two munchkins, a tragedy strikes. One of the twins gets stolen from the hospital. Soon, the businessman shifts his base to London to start his life afresh. Time flies and the twins grow up. One of the twins Raja ( Varun Dhawan ) is bought up in Mumbai while the other Prem ( Varun Dhawan ) is raised in London. Though both of them look the same, they are diametrically opposite in their personality. One is fearless, the other one way too meek.

Judwaa 2 Review: With plenty of humour and fun, it’s a film for the mass!
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In India, Raja messes up with a spoilt brat Tiger ( Vivan Bhatena ) who has connections with some mighty people. Tiger is desperately looking for him to settle the score. Raja’s friends advise him to leave India for some time. Raja and his childhood buddy Nandu ( Rajpal Yadav ) somehow manage to get fake passports and flee to London. There, he meets Alishka Sheikh ( Jacqueline Fernandez ) and falls in love with him. On the other hand, Prem enters the first year of his college in London where he meets Samaara ( Taapsee Pannu ) and starts liking her. However, thereafter a lot of confusion and mix and match happen which lead to several crazy moments in the life of Prem, Raja, Alishka and Samaara. But soon, an old enemy of Raja and Prem’s father returns from jail to settle his score. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Judwaa 2 Performance Review:

Judwaa 2 was a very special film for its lead Varun Dhawan . There were many reasons behind the movie being so special for the actor. First, it was a reboot of Judwaa which has attained a cult status over the years. Second, it was being directed by his father ( David Dhawan ) who was remaking his own 1997 film. Third, Varun Dhawan was getting into the mighty shoes of superstar Salman Khan who starred in the original film. Surely, there was a lot of pressure on the actor. But instead of bogging down, he decided to take up the challenge and come out with flying colours. He succeeds! Junior Dhawan has done many comedy films in his short career. And we all know that he is quite good at his job. In Judwaa 2 , he scores well again. He plays dual characters effortlessly. He gets into the skin of his both characters so properly as if it were a joke for him. While he nails the roguish yet kind-hearted character of Raja with unmatched ease, his performance as meek and docile Prem is also commendable. Talking about two female leads of the movie – Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu – their characters don’t have much substance. They look gorgeous and glamorous throughout, though. We have seen Jacqueline in such kind of roles many a times before, so it does not really come as a surprise to see her do the same thing again. But why Taapsee chose the film, is beyond my ken. Having said that, the chemistry of both the leading heroines with Varun is amazing. Other actors in the supporting cast have done well, too. But you will miss the original cast of Judwaa sorely.

Judwaa 2 Direction Review:

Judwaa 2 is directed by David Dhawan who is known for his blockbuster comedy films in the 1990s. His last directorial was Main Tera Hero featuring his son Varun Dhawan . The film was a box office success. Here, senior Dhawan chooses one of his most successful films Judwaa to recreate the same kind of magic which the original film cast on the audience years back. Two decades have passed, but Judwaa still finds many takers on television. Before you go to watch Judwaa 2 , keep in your mind that it is not a sequel. It's a reboot of the original. So, you are not going to find anything new here, especially in terms of story. What is new in Judwaa 2 is its treatment. Senior Dhawan ensures that he adapts the original story in a manner that suits to the taste of the modern audience which has evolved a lot over the years. He succeeds in doing so to certain extent. Having said that, Judwaa 2 had a lot of scope to be a better and funnier film. There was a lot to play around with, but not every opportunity seems to have been seized properly. David Dhawan falls short of matching up to his previous work as a filmmaker in the comedy genre.

Judwaa 2 Technical Aspect Review:

Technically, Judwaa 2 is great. The movie has been shot well. Though it’s a comic-caper, there are some action sequences in it, which have been choreographed extremely well. The cinematography by Ayananka Bose is brilliant. The film looks colorful throughout. Editing by Ritesh Soni is taut. And the production value is rich.

Judwaa 2 Music Review:

Continuing the trend of multiple composers in one film, Sajid - Wajid , Anu Malik and Meet Bros have scored the music for Judwaa 2 . Award-winning composer Anu Malik , who scored music for Judwaa in 1997, re-composes two songs from the original film, those being "Oonchi Hai Building" and "Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara". Both the reprised versions are good and do justice to the original tracks. They kind of make you feel nostalgic if you are a 90s kid. Sajid-Wajid’s different number “Suno Ganpati Bappa Morya” fails to impress. We have heard and seen far better songs on Lord Ganesha. This one surely does not appeal. “Aa Toh Sahi” by Meet Bros and Neha Kakkar is a fast-paced peppy track which will force you hit the dance floor right away. Overall, the album of Judwaa 2 is chartbuster.

Judwaa 2 Final Verdict:

If logic is what appeals to you while watching a film, then Judwaa 2 may disappoint you. But, in case, you want to watch an out-and-out masala entertainer which leaves you in splits, then this David Dhawan directorial is what you can try this weekend. Judwaa 2 boasts of all the ingredients which David Dhawan ’s movies are known for. It has dance, drama, romance and action. In short, it is a paisa vasool film for the mass audience.

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