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Julie 2 Review: A failed film laden with a weak script and predictable twists and turns!

Julie 2 Review: A failed film laden with a weak script and predictable twists and turns!

Planning to watch Jilie 2, starring Raai Laxmi, read here full movie review before booking your tickets.

By Mohnish Singh - November 24, 2017

Cast: Raai Laxmi,Nishikant Kamat,Ravi Kishan,Pankaj Tripathi,Aditya Srivastava,Rati Agnihotri,Anant Jog,Brij Gopal

Director: Deepak Shivdasani

Rating: 2/5

Julie 2 One Line Review:

The story of the film revolves around a common girl who becomes the leading actress of Bollywood and what she goes through afterwards.

Positive Points: Performance by Raai Laxmi, Cinematography

Negative Points: Ludicrous Dialogues, Weak Screenplay, Unimaginative Direction

Julie 2 Plot Review:

After going through an avalanche of ups and downs in her personal life, Julie (Raai Laxmi) is currently ruling Bollywood. She owes her fame and success to her stylist Mary (Rati Agnihotri). One day, a powerful politician (Pankaj Tripathi) approaches her to star in the biopic of his late wife who somewhat resembles Julie. After thinking a lot, Julie agrees to do the project. As the film nears its completion, Julie gets seriously injured in an attack on a famous jewellery shop. While she is fighting with her life in hospital, her stylist shares trials and tribulations of Julie’s life with senior inspector Devdutt (Aditya Srivastav) who is handling the robbery case and suspects that the robbery was actually a well thought out plan to kill Julie. Will Julie survive or succumb to her injuries? Will Devdutt ever find out the real culprit. To know that watch the film.

Julie 2 Review: A failed film laden with a weak script and predictable twists and turns!
Julie 2

Julie 2 Performance Review:

Julie 2 completely relies on the shoulders of southern sensation Raai Laxmi. And, fortunately, she doesn't disappoint at all. Her character has many layers and she convincingly pulls off all emotions and delivers a mesmeric performance. The actress, who has done a number of films down south, looks amazingly beautiful on screen. But unfortunately, her character does not have the required meat. While the actress tries her best to do full justice to her role, a very clumsily written scripts spoils the game. We just feel that the makes should have worked little more on the script. Having said that, Raai Laxmi does seem to be an actress who has a lot of potential. Pankaj Tripathi in the role of a power broker politician is good, but does not get the necessary screen time. Actor Aditya also plays his part honestly. Other actors in the supporting role are okay.

Julie 2 Direction Review:

Julie 2 is directed by the same director who helmed its prequel Julie in 2004. Deepak Shivdasani tries to make an engaging film but fails to deliver. Julie 2 does engage you but not thoroughly. While Julie, starring Neha Dhupia, had a strong backstory along with glamour and skin show, Julie 2 lacks a powerful narrative to keep the audience engrossed. The director is completely handicapped by a weak story. As a viewer, you just know what is going to happen next on the screen and hence your interest in the movie dissipate after a point.

Julie 2 Technical Aspect Review:

The film has been sloppily edited. The first half is pacy but the second half becomes unbearable after a point. The movie has been shot well though. It is filmed at beautiful locations. Production value of the film is also good.

Julie 2 Music Review:

The album of Julie 2 is a blend of some item numbers and situational songs. ‘Oh Julie’ by Anupam Nair is an average rendition which gives off vibes of the 90s music. 'Kabhi Jhoota Lagta Hai' is also a very old-fashioned number. ‘Kharama Kharama' by Viju Shah is again a run-of-the-mill song. The remaining songs are also very ordinary. Overall, the music of the film is not so cool.

Julie 2 Final Verdict:

Julie 2 is like an old vine in a new bottle. Frankly speaking, the film does not offer anything new and riveting. You try your best to invest your emotions in the film, but after a point you just give up. You better watch for its premiere on TV rather than spending your hard-earned money on its tickets. Having said that, if you are fond of watching skin show on big screen, you can go for it. But you won't find it in abundance though.

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