Simran Review: Kangana Ranaut brings the impulsive and spontaneous Praful Patel to life with her flawless performing skills.

Kangana Ranaut manages to pull off the complex character of Praful Patel effortlessly but flawed plot and execution especially in the second half proves to be a distress.

By Meghana Pawar - September 15, 2017

Cast: Kangana Ranaut,Mark Justice,Sohum Shah,Esha Tewari Pande,Rupinder Nagra,Aneesha Joshi

Director: Hansal Mehta

Rating: 2.5/5

Simran One-line Review:

The bitter-sweet slice of life tale of a young girl Praful Patel who turns to gambling and robbery due to unforeseen circumstances haunting her.

Simran Positive Points: Kangana Ranaut’s flawless performance that enlivens Praful’s character. The undertone of the movie is kept positive and is balanced well with the downsides that reflect in the plot. The first half is fast paced and intriguing. Another interesting aspect is its unpredictable climax.

Simran Negative Points: The film is a bit too stretched and dragged in the second half. It gets monotonous after a while and loses its grip.

Simran Plot Review:

Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut) is a 30-year-old divorcee staying with her middle-class parents in Georgia. She is independent and a free-spirited girl who has saved up to buy her first home. Praful is someone who is spontaneous and extremely impulsive. After a trip to Las Vegas with her cousin she gets into a habit of gambling. At first, she wins the game and makes two thousand dollars instantly but as she gets more and more into it, she loses all her savings and also finds herself drowning in a loan of thousands of dollars. Praful is tortured by the money lenders for which she starts stealing and robbing which further leads to more chaos. Midst all this, Praful meets Sameer (Sohum Shah) who genuinely falls for her and make plans to get married to her. The climax of the movie is the most coveted one and is hard to guess. Will Praful be able to repay all her loan? Will she finally get true love in Sameer? All the answers pop up in the second half and the climax.

Kangana Raanaut brings the impulsive and spontaneous Praful Patel to life with her flawless performing skills.
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Simran Direction and other Technical Aspects:

Director Hansal Mehta has made a perfect choice with casting Kangana for this complicated character of Praful Patel who is so instinctive and spontaneous. Although, the plot had a lot of scope and the story is fresh, it went through a downhill in the second half. The film which started with a high note raising the expectations of the viewer, faced the curse of the second half despite the strong performances of all the lead cast. The dialogues are perfectly carved that supported the story well, the tinge of Gujarati every now and then added the right flavour. The cinematography is good and the film is shot well which helped to manage the length. However, the editing seems a bit too loose and the loopholes in the story are not hidden. Another point to note is that, the robberies hardly look believable and the entire sequence is shoddily created which may make the viewer’s attention drift from the story.

Simran Movie Performances Review:

Needless to say, Kangana Ranaut is the star of the film. She holds the entire film on her strong and able shoulders. She shines in both emotional as well as funny scenes. Her Gujarati accent did not seem overboard and is just what was required for the character. The actress made the character of Praful Patel come to life despite it being not very perfect.

Sohum Shah has a very less screen time but manages to grab attention with his remarkable performance as a sweet Indian guy. All other supporting actors pulled off a good act.

Simran Music Review:

The songs had the perfect placement and did not seem forced. The background score is good and successfully highlight the visuals.

Simran Final Verdict:

Simran is bundled up with striking performance by Kangana Ranaut and the supporting cast. The fresh storyline which sure has flaws and is a bumpy ride, it can still be summed up for a one-time watch, thanks to its light-hearted climax.

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