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Lucknow Central Review: A simply brilliant and gripping tale of dreams and survival, told without major pretensions!

Lucknow Central Review: A simply brilliant and gripping tale of dreams and survival, told without major pretensions!

Embellished with powerful performances and amazing screenplay, Lucknow Central hits screen on 15th September. Read our comprehensive review before booking your tickets.

By Mohnish Singh - September 14, 2017

Cast: Farhan Akhtar,Diana Penty,Deepak Dobriyal,Gippy Grewal,Rajesh Sharma,Innamulhaq,Ronit Roy,Robin Das,Ravi Kishan,Uday Tikekar,Manoj Tiwari

Director: Ranjit Tiwari

Rating: 2.5/5

Lucknow Central One Line Review:

Inspired by the true events, the film revolves about a couple of under-trials who plan to execute a big escape from jail while being a part of a musical band.

Positive Points: Amazing screenplay, perfect casting, riveting performances and commendable direction.

Negative Points: Climax is a letdown.

Lucknow Central Plot Review:

Kishen (Farhan Akhtar), who has spent all his life in Moradabad, has a big dream in his eyes. He wants to go beyond the confines of his small town and become a singer. He wishes to set up his own band one day but destiny had something different in store for him. His whole world shakes when he is wrongly accused of a murder and thrown behind the bars. While awaiting his trial, he comes to know about an inter-jail music competition being organized to celebrate approaching Independence Day. He sees it as an opportunity to escape the jail and hence forms a musical band with the help of an NGO worker Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) and other jail inmates. His jail fellows help him in his plan, not realizing the consequences. But, as ill luck would have it, the cruel and callous Jailor (Ronit Roy) gets the lowdown on his plans. What will happen now? Will Kishan succeed in his plans? Will he ever be able to realize his dreams of becoming a singer? To know this and much more, you can head to your closest theatre.

Lucknow Central Review: A simply brilliant and gripping tale of dreams and survival, told without major pretensions!
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Lucknow Central Performance Review:

Lucknow Central is headlined by Farhan Akhtar, a man of many talents. Since the actor heads the cast, he gets the maximum screen time in the film and rightfully so. A few moments into the movie and you will not complain about him consuming the maximum screen time. The character which Akhtar plays in the movie seems to be written keeping only him in mind. He gives his all to make it look convincing. He delivers one of his most intense performances till date.

Talking about Diana Penty, who was last seen in Happy Bhaag Jayegi, she plays an NGO worker in Lucknow Central. She plays her part well. Her character is integral to the story. Supporting actors like Deepak Dobriyal, Gippy Grewal, Ravi Kishan and Innamulhaq are also brilliant in the movie. Ronit Roy in the role of shrewd jailor is outstanding.

Lucknow Central Direction Review:

Ranjit Tiwari, who has previously assisted filmmaker Nikhil Advani on several projects, makes his directorial debut with the film and proves he is a gifted technician. He unhurriedly crafts a film that is engaging, well-performed and brilliantly shot. The best part about the new-age filmmaker is that at any given point of time while watching his film, he does not seem influenced by his mentor Nikhil and uses his own creativity and vision to make the movie. Believe it or not, a prison escape film couldn't have been better than Lucknow Central, at least in Hindi cinema where the said genre has not been exploited much. We hope to see more films coming from the stable of the genius.

Lucknow Central Technical Aspect Review:

If you thought that Lucknow Central scored well in all departments, wait! While the film engages you thoroughly in the first half, it loses its grip in the second half, but not to the point where you start losing your patience and storm out of the hall. It keeps you hooked to your chairs despite offering a very few nail-biting moments in the second half. Editing, however, fails to remain up to the mark in the second half, more so towards the climax. Writing team does a fantastic job. Camera work is good, too.

Lucknow Central Music Review:

When Farhan Akhtar is acting in a movie, you expect him to croon at least one or two songs in it. Surprisingly, you do not hear him sing in his latest offering. Does that mean the multi-talented man did not find the music of the movie interesting? No. Lucknow Central boasts of a good soundtrack, if not great. The iconic song ‘Kaavaan Kaavaan’, which hit the charts almost 15 years back in Meera Nair’s Monsoon Wedding, has been recreated for the film. Though nothing can beat the original, its recreated version sounds fresh. It’s a song which you can hear on loop. With a blend of sufi and western elements, the second song on the soundtrack ‘Meere-E-Kaarwan’ soothes your senses. The situational track ‘Teen Kabootar’ is an average track. Other situational songs like ‘Rangdaari’ by Arijit Singh and ‘Baaki Rab Pe Chhod De’ by Brijesh Shandllya are good.

Lucknow Central Final Verdict:

Interested in watching a taut and well-performed film with good music? If yes, then book your tickets for Lucknow Central.

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