Poster Boys Review: A funny and sincere effort to give you ample doses of comedy, entertainment and social message!

Read here the detailed review of Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade's latest film ‘Poster Boys’, which releases nationwide this Friday.

By Mohnish Singh - Sep 7, 2017


Cast : Sunny Deol,Bobby Deol,Shreyas Talpade,Sonali Kulkarni,Samiksha Bhatnagar,Randheer Rai,Bharti Achrekar,Ashwini Kalsekar,Ravi Jhankal,Elli Avram

Director : Shreyas Talpade

Rating : 3/5

Poster Boys One Line Review:

Three men, on an eventful day, find their pictures on posters promoting ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy). How they tackle the situation and prove they haven't undergone any operation is what forms the crux of the story.

Positive Points: Terrific comic timing of characters, screenplay and dialogues.

Negative Points: Second half needed some trimming.

Poster Boys Plot Review:

Poster Boys is the Hindi remake of a successful Marathi film of the same name. The story of the film revolves around retired army man Jaagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), school teacher Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) and recovery agent Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade), three common men living in the same village, busy with their day to day life. But soon, their world comes upside down when they see their pictures on posters promoting nasbandi. Because of the posters Jaagavar's younger sister's marriage is called off, Vinay’s wife leaves his house and threatens him of divorce and Arjun’s girlfriend's father refuses to give his daughter's hand to Arjun. The trio tries their best to prove their innocence but to no avail. When nothing seems helping them, they decide to drag the government and its health department to the court to seek justice. Will they succeed in proving their innocence? Will they be able to change people's perceptions towards vasectomy? To know, go watch the film.

Poster Boys Review: A funny and sincere effort to give you ample doses of comedy, entertainment and social message!
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Poster Boys Performance Review:

Poster Boys stars three talented men, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade along with other actors. It's true that Sunny and Bobby are not the biggest names in the business of creating comedies, but with the help of his director and costar Shreyas Talpade, they have tried their best to entertain you with their convincingly funny acts. After watching the film, you would agree with me that both brothers, who once ruled the roost in the Hindi film industry, have an incredible reservoir of untapped talent in them. It’s sad that we don’t see the duo very much as far as their acting appearances are concerned. They definitely need great projects like Poster Boys to revive their stardome and make films that the whole family can watch together.

Sunny Deol in the role of a retired army man looks perfect. He keeps showing his He-man image here and there in the film, which is just amazing. You can't stop yourself from whistling or clapping for the great actor when he pulls of his scenes with unmatched honesty. His comic timing in the film is not beyond description, but you will love the way he tries to tickle your funny bones.

Bobby, who is coming back to movies after a gap of four years, is thoroughly likeable as a naive school master in the film. It is perhaps the first time when you see him playing a village guy. Shedding his image of a rich guy born and brought up in the city, he pulls of his character brilliantly. You will like the innocence of his character. It won't be an exaggeration to say that he has delivered one of his career's best performances.

Besides calling the shots for the film, Shreyas plays an important role in it. As Arjun, he nails his character. We all know that his comic timing is great and the actor maintains his mojo here as well. He is indeed a great talent. Actresses Sonali Kulkarni and Sameeksha Bhatnagar play their parts well. Sameeksha as a loud-mouthed, quarrelsome wife attracts attention. Overall, the casting of Poster Boys is solid.

Poster Boys Direction Review:

Let's be very honest, 2017 has been a tough year for Bollywood where some of the biggest films featuring the biggest stars have been rejected by the audience. Reason? The only reason that could be comprehended behind the outright rejection of most of the films is poor content. Some filmmaker think that stars, gloss and glamor are the only ingredients that can make a film work at the ticket window.

But, thankfully, Shreyas does not think so! In his first Bollywood directorial, Shreyas makes sure that he does not take his audience for granted and provides them with something good and engaging, if not entirely fresh. With his direction, he has done justice to the sweet and simple story written by Sameer Patil. Besides Sunny, Bobby and Shreyas, writer Sameer and screenplay writers Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter are also heroes of the film. They infused a new idea in a simple story and proved that comedy can arise from some serious issues as well. Poster Boys benefits a lot from writers’ strong writing. We hope Shreyas collaborates with them soon so that we can see another entertaining film.

Poster Boys Technical Aspects Review:

Poster Boys is a good, timepass entertainer where everybody seems to have delivered their duties well. Since the movie is made on a limited budget, you won’t find here unnecessarily elaborate sets, costumes and song-dance sequences. It’s a simple film set around simple settings. Camerawork by Nigam Bomzan is good and so is editing by Devendra Murdeshwar. Having said that, there was a very good scope to shorten the second half.

Poster Boys Music Review:

There is a long list of music directors who have offered their services to score the music of the film, but barring Daler Mehndi and Neha Kakkar’s ‘Oye Hoye Ki Kudiyan Shehar Diyan’, which is the recreated version of Sunny Deol’s 1999 film Arjun Pandit, none of the songs stands out in the whole album. ‘Kendhi Menoo’ is the only other song which you can listen to once or twice. In nutshell, Poster Boys has an average soundtrack to offer.

Poster Boys Final Verdict:

Since you don’t see Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol teaming up quite often, that too for a comedy film, you just can’t afford to miss this rare opportunity.

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