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Raag Desh Review: Gritty War-Drama with epic courtroom monologue!

Raag Desh Review: Gritty War-Drama with epic courtroom monologue!

A gripping tale of 3unsung heros in pre-independance time, ft. Amit Sadh, Kunal Kapoor & Mohit Marwah!

By Amol S. Malkar - July 27, 2017

Cast: Kunal Kapoor,Amit Sadh,Mohit Marwah,Vijay Verma,Mrudula Murali,Kenny Basumatary,Kenneth Desai,Kanwaljit Singh,Edward Sonnenblick,Zachary Coffin

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Rating: 3/5

Raag Desh One Line Review:

A gritty historical war drama packed with intriguing courtroom monologues, in the pre-independence era of India!

Positive Points: Cinematography, detailed storytelling, and performance by the actors

Negative Points: Editing for the film could have been better, as it sometimes messes with the storyline!

Raag Desh Review Plot:

The film Raag Desh is a war-drama, based on the pre-independence era of 1941-45 when India was struggling to attain independence from British rule and while Indian men in Army was facing as they have been dragged into World War II. The story of Raag Desh revolves around court marshal and courtroom trial of three brave army officers, Major Shah Nawaz Khan (Kunal Kapoor), Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon (Amit Sadh), Colonel Prem Sahgal(Mohit Marwah), who surrendered to British army under certain circumstances. British rule, who then try to seize the surrendered soldiers and accused them of charges of treason, murder killings of fellow soldiers and other charges so.

Raag Desh Review: Gritty War-Drama with epic courtroom monologue!
Raag Desh movie still

But the real agenda of the British government was to suppress an increasing influence of Azaad Hind Sena formed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, which was becoming a threat to the British power! And the plot revolves around National Congress Party' efforts to defend accused innocent soldiers, as try have also contributed to the freedom fighters on the war level.

Raag Desh Review Direction:

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia is known for the gritty dramas that he likes to produce or direct and Raag Desh is a prime example of it. Most of the films based on the historical subject tend to fall into documentary style movies. But Tigmanshu did a commendable job of storytelling with a bang on the recreation of the collected facts, told in visually stunning manner. It clearly shows that Tigmanshu Dhulia has put his cast and crews in the most realistic shooting locations possible! It is good to see him back on director’ chair after quite a long time! And about his storytelling, despite the narration educate you about the past events but it is done un-preachy manner!

Raag Desh Review Technical Aspects:

Making a war drama is tricky as it is only about action scene like we see in other action movies. And Raag Desh has a gritty cinematography, By Rishi Punjabi, who shot it with a dual camera using Anamorphic lenses to give a special look to it, accompanied with hounding background score to the storytelling! And Raag Desh pretty much nailed in that aspect, as so be it was scenes or courtroom drama, these two aspects remained consistent throughout the films. When it comes to the action element in the film, the war scene was handed downs well-choreographed war scenes, although most screen time will keep you engrossed in a courtroom drama.

Raag Desh Review Character Performances:

There isn’t any character that left behind following the narration, almost every character was on point. The three leading men, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh and Mohit Marwah were ruling every frame they were in. Kunal Kapoor has character build of mentally strong yet compassion about his patriotism. Whereas Mohit Marwah played the character of a charming, yet diligent army man to the agenda to fight for the revolution! But Amit Sadh is the one in the lead that have given a stand out performance as a happy-go-lucky yet brave, survivalist and ‘the one who maintains calm in the storm’ performance in the film!

Besides the lead, everyone in the supporting cast gave the standout performances, but one actor who delivered impeccable performance was Kenneth Desai! He played a character of Bhula Bhai Desai, a veteran, respected and genius lawyer assigned to defend the prime case while delivering the praise-worthy monologues in the courtroom. Whereas other characters of Kanwaljit Singh’ and Mrudula Murali were delightful!

Raag Desh Review Music:

One should not keep much expectation about music from this film as most of the song featured in this film, like Hawaon Mein Woh Aag Hai, Tujhe Namaami Ho and Teri Zameen was used in the background and has a patriotic feel to it, without melodrama!

Raag Desh Review Final Verdict:

Raag Desh is well carried and justified war tale of the unsung hero, which depicts more realistic storytelling of pre-independence era, with well-mastered war action sequences, gripping courtroom monologues and compelling performance by the stars!

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