Rangoon Review | Kangana Ranaut | Shahid Kapoor | Saif Ali Khan

Rangoon Review: An emotionally appealing love story set at the backdrop of second world war and Indian Freedom Movement.

By Meghana Pawar - February 24, 2017

Cast: Kangana Ranaut,Saif Ali Khan,Shahid Kapoor,Richard McCabe,Alex Avery,Lin Laishram,Manav Vij,Satoru Kawaguchi,Surendra Pal

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: An emotionally appealing love story set at the backdrop of second world war and Indian Freedom Movement.

Positive Points: The film has a fresh story to offer and is driven by strong performances of the lead stars.

Negative Points: There are many loop holes in the film that sees par logic. The length of the film and its inability to keep the viewers hooked.

Plot: Julia (Kangana Ranaut) is a heartthrob actress of the 1940s, brought to stardom by her Producer and would be husband Russi Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan). Russi has bought Julia for 1000 bucks when she was a young girl and has divorced his wife for her love. Russi promises British General Hardings (Richard McCabe) that Julia will perform and entertain the soldiers of his army. Hence, she is set out with her troupe.

Rangoon Review | Kangana Ranaut | Shahid Kapoor | Saif Ali Khan

Julia and her troupe are attacked by the Japanese army and, she is left alone with Jamadar Nawab Mallik (Shahid Kapoor), who has been assigned the duty of her security, in the middle of a jungle. Love blossoms between the two as they spend time together. But they soon have to part ways as they reach the Indian borders. Julia reunites with Russi and the British army. Amidst the dance and celebration, Jamadar Nawab Mallik is on a secret mission. Will he be able to succeed and What happens to this triangular love story? Rests in the climax!

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Director Vishal Bhardwaj does an appealing job on the visual and cinematography aspect. Although, the execution has been a bit haywire as there is too much going onscreen at once. The plot and storyline is fresh. The length of the film is dragged and the movie fails to keep the audience involved. There are some parts shot extremely well and the side story of the INA and the secret mission is a total win! The dialogues are apt and go well with the film’s setting. The characters are crafted skillfully and costumes do the right trick.

Performances: Kangana Ranaut as Julia is the real hero of the film and stands out with her strong performance! Her character has various shades and she pulls it off like a boss. Her action scenes are on point and she rightly impresses with the comic scenes.

Saif Ali Khan as Russi does just what was expected out of him. He performed his part justifiably.

Shahid Kapoor as the army soldier was perfect. He managed to do complete justice to his role. His physique matched the requirement of the character and he charmed with his overall act.

Music: The music and the songs of the film are average and does not stay with you for long. The back ground score is good and support the visuals well.

Final Verdict: Rangoon also has flashes of the Indian freedom movement amidst the love story and war chaos. The interesting side story about the INA that stays till the climax serves the purpose of watching this lengthy film. The film features strong performances and has a fresh plot. It earns 2.5 stars.