Review of A Gentleman: A Fast Paced Rom-Com Filled With Slick Action Sequences & Hysterical Comic Moments!

A well-stylized action comedy with a powerful star cast with well written hysterical comedic moments in the film!

By Amol S. Malkar | Updated On: Aug 25, 2017 11:48 PM

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Cast : Siddharth Malhotra,Jacqueline Fernandez,Suniel Shetty,Darshan Kumaar,Hussain Dalal,Rajit Kapoor,Supriya Pilgaonkar,Amit Mistry

Director : Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.

Rating : 3.5/5

A Gentleman One Line Review:

Well stylized action Rom-Com with best comedic moments with the apt performance from the cast! Bang for your buck!

Positive Points: Action sequences, character developments, well-written comedy script & good performance from the cast!

Negative Points: Episodic jump in the narration could confuse you & short run time!

A Gentleman Plot Review:

The film A Gentleman begins with the life of Gaurav ( Sidharth Malhotra ) who is an aspiring sales executive of a multi-national corporation, living in Miami, United States. Despite being clay-model of an idealistic boyfriend, his long time crush and would be girlfriend Kavya ( Jacqueline Fernandez ) is not taking him seriously. She was never into those guys who are too uptight and proper or have serious traits of OCD going on! As story progresses and Gaurav was asked to visit Mumbai for a given task, he met with an accident, which notified Colonel Vijay Saxena ( Suniel Shetty } and his right hand Yaqub ( Darshan Kumar ) that a former member of government’ secret intelligence division ‘Unit X’ and their former agent Rishi ( Sidharth Malhotra ) who looks identical to each other and apparently Rishi stole some secret information which can put Unit X’ reputation and credibility in danger! So in order to retrieve that stolen information Colonel Vijay send a team of top-notch assassinator to hunt down Rishi or Gaurav as narration tells us.

Review of A Gentleman: A Fact Paced Rom-Com Filled With Slick Action Sequences & Hysterical Comic Moments!
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The film A Gentleman is a slick example how Bollywood action films can be well stylized and yet it wouldn’t lose a grip on its comical element. Although the narration goes back-and-forth at some moment which can create confusion, the element of visual comedy will keep you intact with the plot twist. The film is filled with practical comedy bit which could make you chuckle and even make you laugh hysterically. And one of the classic moment of the film is when Rishi pretend to be a gay wingman to woe a government informant so that he can get his phone the clone. It is unique kind of comedy as it uses cleverly written screenplay but the directors themselves, which makes it so epic to laugh off.

A Gentleman Direction Review:

Given the track record of director duo Raj & D.K. aka Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. , despite their 6th film, they have set their style of direction clear in the minds of the audience and also struck a gold this time with a script and the way it was presented on the silver screen. As mentioned earlier, the film is well stylized and also takes advantage of elements of visual comedy, cleverly use innuendos, jokes which were neither juvenile or took too far to crack it just effortless, make the film to so relatable. Directors Raj & D.K. did character development right which makes us gravitated the characters, even though some character were just for supporting roles, we as audience keep track of their traits, which makes it so hilarious!

A Gentleman Technical Aspect Review:

Though the comic element of this action-comedy maintained well in the script and to the other remaining aspect of this film, the action, which is as close to called it flawless but entertaining for sure. The action element is well carried and they have also left many jump scare moment in the action along with the well choreographed hand-to-hand fight sequence which could possibly keep your edge of the seat! The other technical elements like background scores color correction is poppy and well suited for the narration. And for those who were comparing A Gentleman with Bang Bang would be proved wrong as technically A Gentleman is a step ahead of Bang Bang!

A Gentleman Performance Review:

A well elaborate comedy film needed a strong star cast which can carry forward the narration and the characters, as they were made and developed. And this aspect is well kept by the casting of A Gentleman . Though it spells some spoiler if we mention what one character does in the film some of the star performers in the film were Hussain Dalal , Amit Mistry is commendable and hysterical throughout the film and Suniel Shetty , and Darshan Kumar was stunning and to the script.

Leading pair of this film, Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez , does spell their magic in the film, as their chemistry is well cooked. Though sadly there weren’t any romantic moments in the story that could allow their chemistry to flaunt it on screen. As far as individual performances were concerned Sidharth Malhotra ruled the screen, as his role of a rogue Unit X member was to the point and flawless mostly, his comic time was bang on. As for Jacqueline Fernandez , her performance in the film was mostly average but will make you her instant fan when the shoot out scene in the film happen.

A Gentleman Music Review:

Like every Bollywood action Rom-com, this film also has many songs that timely take us away from the narration for a fun ride. Most of the tracks in the film were electronically and lyrical and no doubt enjoyable. Most notable tracks like Chandralekha, Laagi Na Choote are the visual treat and the song Bandook Meri Laila is played in the background!

A Gentleman Final Verdict Review:

A Gentleman is one of the ideally made action Rom-Com which is worth for every penny you spend on tickets and bound to make you laugh with its comical elements!

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