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Tu Hai Mera Sunday Review: A brilliant film which imparts some valuable lessons on life without being preachy!

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Review: A brilliant film which imparts some valuable lessons on life without being preachy!

Planning to watch Tu Hai Mera Sunday this weekend? Here’s our detailed movie review to help you know whether or not the film is worth your time and money.

By Mohnish Singh - October 4, 2017

Cast: Barun Sobti,Shahana Goswami,Vishal Malhotra,Rasika Duggal,Maanvi Gagroo,Avinash Tiwary,Nakul Bhalla,Jay Upadhyay,Pallavi Batra,Shivkumar Subramaniam,Sandiip Sikcand

Director: Milind Dhaimade

Rating: 4/5

Tu Hai Mera Sunday One Line Review:

Tu Hai Mera Sunday revolves around a group of friends who meet at posh Juhu beach every Sunday morning to play football, and what happens when they are restricted to play their favourite game at their favourite spot.

Positive Points: Excellent performances, camerawork and direction.

Negative Points: No negative point

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Plot Review:

Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a story of five individuals who belong to different walks of life but the game of football brings them so close that they become great friends over the course of time. Every Sunday, all of them meet at Juhu beach in Mumbai to play their favourite game football. This is the only thing that they look up to every Sunday as it gives them an opportunity to vent out their whole frustration piled up throughout the week. But one day, an old ailing man joins their group and does something which changes their lives forever. Suddenly, their group is banned from playing at Juhu beach. Disheartened and frustrated, they begin their search to find a new place but to no avail. Finding place in a crowded city like Mumbai is no fun. How their life changes and positivity pour in, in abundance while they look for opportunities to play their favorite game is what forms the crux of the story.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Review: A brilliant film which imparts some valuable lessons on life without being preachy!
Tu Hai Mera Sunday Movie Poster

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Performance Review:

Before I talk about the individual performance of every actor, I would first like to say that after a long, long time comes a movie wherein every character has been written brilliantly and all the actors, be it the lead actors or supporting ones, play their parts to perfection. Barun Sobti, who plays Arjun Anand, a man who has quit his job to enjoy life and feel good in small, happy moments that life throws on us, is brilliant in his character. He charms us thoroughly with his endearingly sincere act. You will just love him for what he does on screen without resorting to any unnecessary antics. Talking about Vishal Malhotra, it is so good to see the actor back on screen and do something meaningful. He plays a Christian guy, Dominic, who is not on good terms with his elder brother, something which worries his mother a lot. The actor is very much in sync with his character. His character has many layers and the actor tries to strike a perfect balance while dealing with each layer of his character and emotes various emotions with élan. Shahana Goswami as Kavya is amazing. She is such a natural and effortless actress that you can't keep your eyes off screen when she is in the frame. She does the most difficult scenes with so much of ease and grace that it feels like it was a cakewalk for her. A brilliant performance by her without no doubt! Other actors also put up a great show. Nowadays, we hardly see a film wherein every actor does full justice to the part he or she plays, but Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a film wherein no actor will give you a chance to complain. Here, everyone will overwhelm you with their impeccable performance.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Direction Review:

After making a brilliant short film called Prakata Het Yad, ad filmmaker cum director Milind Dhaimade is all set with his first full length film Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Before hitting Indian screens, the film has travelled to many national and international film festivals like Jio Mami Film Festival and London Film Festival. The best part about Milind’s directorial venture is that he does not try to preach you anything despite making a film which deals with the nitty-gritty of mundane life. Surely there are some messages, some lessons which you can learn and take home, but none of this is forced. Everything looks quite natural, very much in synch and without any melodrama. It is a light-hearted film which will remain with you for a long time. It is amazing to see how the director deals with the day-to-day lives of his characters. He successfully taps the various emotions, frustration, anger, happiness and sadness of his characters. Milind seems to have great hold on human emotions which is inconspicuously evident in his film. Hope he comes up with another beautiful film like THMS.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Technical Aspect Review:

The film is made on a moderate budget, which is not an issue because this kind of stories do not need to be mounted on heavy budgets as recovering the money back becomes a difficult task for the stakeholders. Despite being a medium budgeted film, Tu Hai Mera Sunday looks great. Harendra Singh, the director of photography, has beautiful captured the teeming city of Mumbai and beautiful locales of Goa. Editing, done by Shyam Salgaonkar, is good. The strongest part of Tu Hai Mera Sunday is its casting for which casting directors Anmol Ahuja and Abhishek Banerjee deserve full marks.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Music Review:

The music of the film is situational, which sounds good when the film is running on the screen. You may not like to play its songs after coming out of theatre. Having said that, you can listen to songs like Thodi Si Jagah and Yeh Mera Mann which are better than the others.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Final Verdict:

If you are fond of watching films that portray the rawness of life as it is, without using any filters, Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a film for you. Believe me, you are not going to see a film as honest as this one anytime soon. So, don't miss it at any cost.

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