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AIB Members fired snarky comments to respond to Sunil Pal’ Hate Video

AIB Members fired snarky comments to respond to Sunil Pal’ Hate Video

Though posted with good intention, & some of the element Sunil Pal said about audience backfired on him!

By BollywoodMDB Team - September 5, 2017

It fell like a bomb on not only to those who was fan of Kapil Sharma but even those who like his brand of comedy and didn’t want his show The Kapil Sharma Show to get off, but the show went off for a reason. Everyone has something to say, and they said! But ace comedian Sunil Pal also shared his thoughts on his Facebook fan page about this fiasco. And in most of the things he said it was clear that his concern and speculations were genuine and a personal concern for fellow comedian. But it’s the comment like “Now comedy is in the hands of those ‘so called YouTube comedians” that made him target for the hate from most audience and responding to Sunil Pal’s comment even two members of AIB jumped in and defended their side with a open-sarcastic comments!

There is an unannounced segregation between comedians, usually differentiated by the language and the medium they entertain their audience. Though there was riff whenever two sides collide on argument panel but it used to end in peace mode. And such attack by calling most of the stand-up comedian the “so called YouTube comedians” and also tagging youth as “Un-responsible” make it worse.

AIB Members fired snarky comments to respond to Sunil Pal’ Hate Video
Stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi & Rahul Subramanian

To the response, Rohan Joshi, one of the co-founder of most popular Youtube comedy channel, AIB, responded “Sir don’t worry. You were the one who said that only gays and lesbians whose job it is to hamper the society attend our shows. So your audience will be unaffected. But one thing’s for sure. This one video is funnier than any comedy you’ve ever done. It took 20 years, but at least you produced one funny video.”

Whereas on more frequently cast actor and stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian also posted a snarky commend below the Facebook video Sunil Pal posted, which goes like “When you want to cry in front of the camera but tears are on a holiday!” Sunil Pal might be facing more heat after criticizing unnecessarily to not only fellow comedian for all classifications but also demeaned audience for choosing and following the kind of comedy they prefer. Sunil Pal surely chose wrong words and target to hit the missile.